True Detective “Seeing Things” Review (1×02)

20 Jan

episode-02-10241-640x360I have to say, this show is intoxicating.

I love how it’s handling the two characters in relation to the case and the setting. It’s all character based, but that extends to their surroundings. It seems as if while they’re trying to solve the case, they themselves are trying to mend their own psyches, their own situations. The imagery is essential to this show, and both episodes so far have been impeccably shot. In particular, Cohle’s flashbacks are mesmerizing, drawing us in and conveying so much through the visual touches and McConaughey’s acting. The show’s doing a great job of placing us into a world seemingly between reality and fantasy; it’s hypnotic, really.

This episode also shades in some new aspects about our main duo. I like how the show transcends expectations here; after last week, it seemed as if Cohle was going to be the one who would fit into this role quite well, but after this episode, we see that it’s maybe Hart who could explode at any minute. He paints himself as a “nice guy”, and all his excuses and justifications–for example, the “relieving the tension elsewhere” one–fail to portray what’s really going on with his family. He bickers with his wife, he’s extremely possessive–as the woman at the brothel points out–and while he may recognize his flaws, he’s reluctant to embrace his true nature. Cohle, on the other hand, is different; he seems to have a similar tattered psyche, but he’s also past a certain threshold; he’s more accepting, to the point where he seems to get lost in himself. The scene in which Hart pins him against the locker is very telling; it’s chilling to see him calmly point out the fact that he can break his partner’s wrists, and we can tell there’s something a bit more unsettling about him.

The final shot of the episode lends to that unsettling, hypnotic mood, and I’m intrigued to see where we go next.



-There’s a common theme of woman vs. man in this episode, most notably in Marty’s interactions with the people at the brothel, his wife, and his mistress. It seems like, although these two men are broken down and tired, that they have this instinct to care for the women in their lives (as implied through their casework). Yet, it seems as if this instinct is bordering on, like I said above, possessiveness.

-The toys arranged in that way….very unsettling.

-Rust truly is unique. His views on the world–for example, his views on having a child–are extremely surprising to see on television, and I’m loving what we’re seeing so far.

-So, uh, Alexandra Daddario. I’ll just leave it at that.

-The show’s truly nailed the “horrifying, but beautiful” shots, just like Hannibal. That last church shot…man.

-“Is that a down payment?” “Is shitting on any moment of decency a part of your job description?”

Photo credit: HBO, True Detective

2 Responses to “True Detective “Seeing Things” Review (1×02)”

  1. JustMeMike January 20, 2014 at 7:48 am #

    Intoxicating? Certainly, definitely, and absolutely. We can’t look away..

    The show is like jumping into a swimming pool while fully dressed. You climb out of the pool and your clothes are soaked. They feel heavy. But as the show proceeds, and the light brightens and we see more and more of what’s behind these windows into what these two men are about , we notice less and less the weight of our clothes because we are noticing more and more of the weight that these detectives carry within themselves.

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