New Girl “The Last Wedding” Review (4×01)

16 Sep


The ensemble’s always been the greatest strength of New Girl. These actors play off each other so well week to week, and when you put them all in a room together, it’s almost guaranteed that they’ll make you laugh. This is exactly what the season 4 premiere does, and what results is a hilarious half hour that kicks off the season in fine form.

Season 3 was, in my opinion, still great, but I do recognize why others would think otherwise. The problems stemmed from being unable to find a balance between the central Nick-Jess relationship and the cast as a whole, from being unable to decide what to do with that central dynamic and therefore having that indecision impact the rest of the show. What’s wonderful about Nick-Jess is not the actual romance aspect, but rather the way they interact in the context of the entire group. Here, their bathroom stall conversation resonates because it’s a bit of a respite for them from the group mentality; it’s a moment of mutual understanding in which we can see that each understands who the other is. They’re both okay with being friends and with supporting each other, and they’ve accepted that that’s where they’re at.

In the context of the whole, the episode is nicely summed up by the title of the song that plays over the end tag: “I Wanna Get Better”. At the beginning, the characters decide that they want to “get better” beyond the monotony of eleven weddings in a row, and they all decide to get laid as a result. However, after a night of hilarious sexual metaphors– “You’re just the handsome prince covered in salty sea spray” or “Salt in the pepper, pepper all in the salt. How did salt get shoved into this tiny, tiny pepper hole?” or the sex fist/finger–Nick and Jess realize that the way they get better is not by sleeping around. They’ll always be the people they are, and putting up a front like Kat does would ultimately keep them stuck in the mud.

It all comes back around to that final scene, something not only fantastic because of Nick’s “I hope they can’t have kids!”, but also because it allows the cast to shine together. They tear up the wedding invitations because they don’t need them. They attended all the lavish parties and saw all the happy couples and even competed for the affection of strangers, but at the end of the day, they have the loft. That’s what matters.



-Chocolate pocket means butt.

– “I predict a throwback to missionary, depending on what happens in Syria.” Also, Jessica Biel shoving naked pictures of herself at Ted actually didn’t work. I’m surprised.

-Jake Johnson, welcome back. His facial expressions never get old, and I love his reactions to the four way offer and to the sexual metaphors. “Don’t call me handsome right before a potential four way!” “I’ll dangle it into the mix while I look at something else on my phone.”

– “Joe Biden that ass!”

– “I rented Best Man Holiday, and you’re not in it.”

-Reid Scott’s character here is so different from his character in Veep.

– “America’s got to take a hard look at itself in the mirror. We used to make things.”

-More Winston at the police academy this year, please.

-Seeing as this is a 22-episode season, I’m definitely not going to have regular coverage of the show on the site. However, I hope to drop in at certain times throughout the season (which I hope will be a fantastic one).

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3 Responses to “New Girl “The Last Wedding” Review (4×01)”

  1. MovieManJackson September 16, 2014 at 10:16 pm #

    Saw this tonight. I don’t watch a ton but everytime I do I often think about making a purchasing plunge and starting with the s1 DVD. This was a great ep, and Coach (gets too much hate imo, DMJ is hilarious), Nick, and Schmidt were bringing tons of laughs tonight.

    Great review Polar!

    • polarbears16 September 16, 2014 at 10:48 pm #

      Thanks! Yeah, I think a lot of the Coach hate is the result of the addition of his character leading to less screen time for Winston. I’ve always liked him, though.

      You should definitely get to the rest of the show; it starts slow, but season 2 is one of the best seasons of any comedy series, in my opinion.

  2. Matthew Thompson September 18, 2014 at 3:37 am #

    I was a little let down by Season 3. It was still in the solid to good area, but felt like a real drop off from S2 which was just so good. I definitely dug this premiere though. The sex fist and the salt and pepper shaker bits were my favorite, but there were a lot of good laughs to be had. Biel was good too. Can’t say I’ve seen here in much recently. Hopefully this will be a great season. Certainly off to a good start.

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