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New Girl “Clean Break” Review (4×22)

5 May


New Girl is built on character dynamics, on the shifting relationships between people and the everlasting bonds the loft members share. At its peaks, it can deliver some of the sharpest comedy on TV, but even at its lows, it’s still extremely entertaining to watch these people hang out and navigate their lives. “Clean Break” is a fantastic finale that brings it all back around to the history these characters share, and it’s a lovely, lovely way to close out season four.

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New Girl “The Last Wedding” Review (4×01)

16 Sep


The ensemble’s always been the greatest strength of New Girl. These actors play off each other so well week to week, and when you put them all in a room together, it’s almost guaranteed that they’ll make you laugh. This is exactly what the season 4 premiere does, and what results is a hilarious half hour that kicks off the season in fine form.

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New Girl “Mars Landing” Review (3×20)

25 Mar


Nick and Jess first kissed back in “Cooler”, and that began an excellently handled relationship arc that brought us laughs, tears, and full-on awkwardness. Yet, all good things are bound to come to an end sometime.

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New Girl “Prince” Review (3×14)

2 Feb

adf3fb50a6094258c2fd299aff524292Hey, it’s the show after the Super Bowl! Man, how many of you were just wishing the game would end so we could get to some fun TV? I sure was.

Obviously, New Girl is playing to a broader audience here, so understandably, some of the characterizations and scenarios themselves have to be broadened. Ultimately, it all does feel a bit contrived, but I do think the Nick-Jess “I love you” scenario works in the context of this being a post-Super Bowl episode. I get the feeling that the words have been said before, but they apparently haven’t been, so whatever.

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