Brooklyn Nine-Nine “Undercover” Review (2×01)

28 Sep

Brooklyn Nine-Nine - Episode 2.01 - Undercover - Promotional Photo

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is such a well-realized show, one that effectively set up its various character dynamics in season one and continues to develop them with ease and laughter. As we head into season 2, we know where everyone’s at, and all the character beats that are hit are completely in line with what we know about the characters. The comedy derives not from cheap gags, but rather from the little quirks we’re familiar with or from the relationships we’ve seen.

For example, Terry’s destruction of Amy’s lego house could be funny due to the act of destruction itself, or it could also be funny because we understand Amy’s penchant for becoming over-invested in even the smallest projects. We also get short scenes with people like Hitchcock and Scully, and Terry’s period of time as 7 year old boy is, once again, a fabulous use of Terry Crew’s physicality and comedic presence.

The two main storylines we get in “Undercover” are Jake/Boyle going undercover in the mafia and Boyle/Gina handling their post-sex relationship, and the former uses the storyline to delve into the Amy-Jake relationship post-Jake confessing his feelings in the season one finale. In particular, it’s Jake who uses the undercover job to tackle his emotions regarding Amy, and it’s a typical Peralta move to throw himself into his profession in order to get him through the complications.

In the end, although Jake’s disappointed at not having control over his relationship with Amy–much like his lack of complete control over the mafia situation–a more confident Boyle helps him realize that maybe that’s okay. He shouldn’t expect Amy’s status with Teddy to change, and he’s now heading into a new season with a new commissioner. There’s a full circle aspect to this premiere, and we end in a very similar place as the first season finale; however, each of these characters has grown in some way in a very brief amount of time. That’s what’s so great about this show.

Here’s to a great season, Brooklyn Nine-Nine.



– “Those lines were lifted–verbatim–from my boyhood diary.” Oh, Andre Braugher and your deadpan delivery. I missed you. “When I was seven, I liked to sneak into my father’s office and look at his antique globes.”

– “When did you smile before that?” “Constantly.

-Holt explaining the terms at the party is also hilarious. There is truly no end to Captain Holt’s brilliance.

-I wonder about the Gina-Boyle relationship. It’s too early to tell how it’ll turn out, but it’s either going to be surprisingly well handled or it’s going to bomb. I’m cautiously optimistic here, though, especially considering both Peretti and Lo Truglio are great.

– “I got a real wet mouth.”

– “You can drop the act.” “You can drop your butt!” “You can drop YOUR butt!”

-Gina’s new spirit animal is a naked mole rat.

-No regular coverage for this. There’s just way too much other stuff on Sundays. I’ll check in at midseason and at the end of the season, though.

Photo credit: FOX, Brooklyn Nine-Nine

2 Responses to “Brooklyn Nine-Nine “Undercover” Review (2×01)”

  1. aguywithoutboxers September 28, 2014 at 9:47 pm #

    I really enjoy this show! Thanks! Much love and naked hugs! 🙂

  2. #peggyatthemovies September 29, 2014 at 3:22 am #

    I love this show..but I don’t know what’s up with putting it at 8:30pm on a Sunday evening which as we all know is like Powerhouse TV night.. it’s like they want it to fail and that bums me out.. :/

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