Battlestar Galactica: Razor + “The Resistance” Webisodes Review

17 Oct



I’ve already touched on many of the thematic ideas circling Razor, considering it simply shows us the Pegasus backstory that was told in “Pegasus” through “Resurrection Ship”, but there are a few key bits of information presented here that we didn’t know beforehand. It’s all done through the character of Kendra Shaw, a bridge between the story we’ve seen and the story we’re seeing, and we observe how she essentially becomes Cain’s legacy and how that influences her mindset in the present. The kind of stories the writers are crafting probably need more time to breath–as did the Pegasus arc, as thrilling as it was–but all in all, it’s well done for a 90 minute movie.

Key things to note:

-The revealed relationship between Cain and Gina isn’t something I completely buy, but it helps to clarify a few moments: 1) The “you’re not my type” line in “Resurrection Ship, Part 2″…and 2) The scene in this film in which Cain orders the shooting of civilians who do not comply; she’s staring at Gina as she does it, and it makes the situation more personal as a result.

-Adama’s speech in the miniseries is similar to Cain’s in Razor. Some differences: who starts the “So say we all” chant, and, well, the entire messages of the speeches.

-Shaw doesn’t speak much, does she? Really emphasizes the way Cain’s influence transforms her into a ‘razor’, and when she decides to stay behind with the bomb, her death brings release. However, she meets her end in the same way that Gina does, and it reflects, once again, Cain’s influence.

-Lee, I highly doubt that Adama would’ve done some of the things Cain did. That scene doesn’t work at all.


“The Resistance” Webisodes

Webisodes obviously have to be inessential to the story, but these certainly help a bit when you’re trying to get a grasp on where everyone’s at at the beginning of season 3. Essentially, what these come down to is this: Duck vs. Jammer and the way Nora’s death acts as a catalyst for where they end up. The former throws himself into the insurgent cause, whereas the latter’s vulnerability is preyed upon, sending him to the Cylons in what he believes to be the best way to save lives.



-Rather than watching Razor after season 3, I’m watching it after season 2; I imagine I probably enjoyed it more than those who watched it as aired, considering I watched the Pegasus arc not too long ago.

-I haven’t seen the original Battlestar, but “by your command” is apparently the most popular line from that series? So, it’s nice that the writers throw in the scene with the old model Cylons.

-Young Adama is perfectly cast.

-Starbuck…is a harbinger of death? It’s symbolically fitting, then, that she has the knife at the end, although I can only assume that all this ominous stuff is a result of whatever occurs in season three.

-Without the great performances by Michelle Forbes and Stephanie Chavez-Jacobsen–who actually gels really nicely with the rest of the cast–I’m not sure how fond I’d be of Razor.

-The Starbuck-Shaw dynamic reminds me a bit of Starbuck-Kat.

-“Razor” symbol. Meh.

Photo credit: Syfy, Battlestar Galactica

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