Person of Interest “Pretenders” Review (4×06)

29 Oct


“Pretenders” slowly reveals itself as it progresses, developing from a standard case of the week into an essential piece in the overlying Samaritan storyline. The show’s always been great at balancing its two aspects, propelling its main stories while serving up cases that are not merely peripheral; rather, they all tie in with each other somehow, and the themes explored are very relevant throughout.

In this episode, we are introduced to Walter–also known as “Detective Jack Forge”–who is a very entertaining presence in the show. His excitement over Reese and Fusco and Shaw eventually becomes a bit overplayed, but this is still a fun little storyline that serves not only to makes us laugh, but also to make us think about Reese’s character a bit more. In an episode about pretending to be someone you’re not–hence the title–it’s fitting that we would get a discussion about John Riley vs. John Reese and about the “Man in the Suit”. When Fusco and Walter are talking in the car, the latter asks the former not to talk about Detective Riley, cop, but rather to talk about John Reese, man pretending to be a cop. Interestingly enough, it was during Reese’s time as a vigilante when he was most truly in his element, when he was most truly himself, and Walter’s right when he implies that the Man in the Suit is still alive and well. Last week, Reese stated in his therapy session that he wanted to save people because there isn’t enough good in the world; it’s nice to see his work appreciated this week, to see someone look up to him.

In another nice tie in to last week, Finch’s storyline becomes all about Samaritan, about what he created and how he feels about it now. Last week, he and Root discussed the nature of the Machine and their differing views on the Godlike nature of it, and this week, a passionate discussion about Finch’s presentation leads up to his first big move against Samaritan. He hires someone to fake a robbery so that something can be implanted in Beth’s computer, and this obviously harkens back to the original laptop in Ordos. I am very intrigued to see how this plays out.

The final element to this episode is Elias, someone who will always deliver compelling and entertaining scenes. He’s a character who always seems to have something brewing directly under the surface, and while he’s been relatively passive recently–he has a more subtle menace to him, after all–this episode hints at something to come, something that’s bound to explode at some point. There’s tension between him and Reese and between him and Dominic, and the show seems to be going in the direction of a mob war. “A man is not a river and you are not a king,” Dominic tells him at the end of the episode, and he’s essentially telling Elias that he’s trying to be something he’s not, that he’s pretending. Because in the end, when the war starts, they are all just pawns in a much larger game.



– “Hey, sexy.” Shaw, to Bear, because this is really the only way you can address a dog of his caliber. Anyone would be lucky to have him.

-I know the case of the week is supposed to simply be fun and all, but it’s a bit too superficial for my tastes. There’s more complexity to these characters that can be explored beyond superhero idolization. It’s all worth it for that slow-mo walk, though.

-Finch’s casual “Put him on” is perfect. Oh, how I love Bear.

– “Chicago’s a mess. It’s like a damn Tarantino movie out there.”

– “How do you do that with your voice?”

-Scarface is one cool dude.

-No Root. 😦

-No episode next week. I’ll see you back on November 11th.

Photo credits: CBS, Person of Interest

4 Responses to “Person of Interest “Pretenders” Review (4×06)”

  1. #peggyatthemovies October 29, 2014 at 2:58 am #

    I like reading some of your reviews of this show still though I tried watching the 1st 2 eps again this season and couldn’t. The comradery that was there is just lost. I don’t like the character of Root, though I do like Shaw etc.. I heard its on the chopping block so I might watch 1 or 2 of the end eps as Kevin Chapman is a friend also..and I love Fusco!! 😀

    • Miles Davenplop November 11, 2014 at 2:05 am #

      The season gets better as you go along. Try 3 and 4. 5 is just mindblowing

  2. Hepburn3 October 29, 2014 at 8:24 am #

    I loved it as always! Reece and his Dark Knight voice, Shaw and her hot red car, Bear not eating because he misses Harold,and Harold being far more formidable than people give him credit for! I was so stoked that he made a preemptive strike against Samaritan! And they in their all knowing hubris will not expect it. The number of the week was a nice added light touch to the underlying dark and menace that is and will be Elias and Dominic, it is going to be brutal.
    Yes no Root was sad but she is off being a world class pastry chef a the moment. 😄
    Why no review next week?

    P.S. I would love to know just what Harold and the Machine talked about!

    Thanks for your review as always, I love reading them just as much as I love PoI. 😄

    • polarbears16 October 29, 2014 at 11:10 am #

      Ha, yes, we’ve seen that side to Harold before a few episodes ago, and it’s awesome. I’m sure Root is a fantastic chef.

      No review next week because no episode next week. Thanks for your comment, as always!

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