Saturday Night Live “Woody Harrelson/Kendrick Lamar” Live Blog and Review (40×06)

15 Nov


OBAMA/MCCONNELL DRINK: It’s another political cold open, but there’s a ton of comedy to be mined from Pharoah and Killam getting drunker and drunker. It doesn’t really build to anything, but I like the Hillary Clinton phone call and McConnell’s “You’re black!” GRADE: B-

MONOLOGUE: Hey, it’s Jennifer Lawrence (and Hutcherson and Hemsworth)! I’m not a huge fan of singing monologues, but this one is just full of charm, especially when Lawrence messes up her line and is her usually adorable self. Unpolished, but fun, monologue. GRADE: B+

THE DUDLEYS: This is a pretty great concept, and I like how the sketch just keeps piling on and letting the sketch escalate. Harrelson and Thompson getting “intimate” is hilarious, and it’s always nice to see Uzo Aduba. It’s also a nice shot at the current fad of complaining about things we see on TV. GRADE: A-

MATCH’D: Just when you think it’s yet another game show sketch, the show goes ahead and does this. This is an amazing concept, and it’s pulled off beautifully. The moment in which the guys find out about Harrelson’s character being the girl’s father is the best, and the sketch just keeps going from there. I love Strong’s “You can’t shake hands with a ghost.” GRADE: A

A NEW DAY: This is certainly a more out of the box kind of sketch, and the fact that it doesn’t really feel satisfying is sort of the point. It’s entertaining, although far from perfect. GRADE: B-

HALFTIME CONCUSSION SPEECH: Short and sweet, and it takes a look at the new concussion rules in the NFL by bringing them to the absurd. The huge helmets and the players’ lights are great sight gags, and Harrelson’s demonstration brings the laughs as well. GRADE: B+

YOUNG TARTS & OLD FARTS: Okay, this is the best episode in years. I’m always a fan of impressions, and there are some great choices here with Kyle Mooney as Macklemore, Thompson as B.B. King, and more, and I had a blast watching them all. GRADE: A-

KENDRICK LAMAR: This performance of “i” shows you why he’s one of the best in the game. His flow is amazing. GRADE: A

WEEKEND UPDATE: Leslie Jones’s “It’s personal” recovery and her description of Jost as a “tall glass of almond milk” are hilarious. Later, Taran Killam once again steals the show as Matthew McConaughey, with a plethora of sound effects and weird sayings and the like. GRADE: B

CRACK: It’s a simple sketch, and it’s executed very nicely, especially by Harrelson’s crack-obsessed character. Sometimes, one note jokes work well, and this is one of those cases. GRADE: B

APPLES CAMPFIRE SONG: Woody Harrelson is just so entertaining to watch. It’s his inherent charm that makes this sketch, and his anger/sadness and subsequent happiness is wonderfully played. Again, an infectiously fun sketch. GRADE: B+

KENDRICK LAMAR/JAY ROCK: I was kind of wishing Lamar would debut a new song tonight, but hey, this is a great performance (even if the song isn’t the best). I must say: the lighting here is wonderful. Also, Kendrick looks like this because it’s the 20th anniversary of Method Man’s debut album, “Tical”. GRADE: B+ 

DONNELLY’S: Kenan Thompson’s reactions are the best. Him reading the Bible is great, and him then dousing the place in gasoline is even better. Also, it’s Kate McKinnon and Woody Harrelson and sexual innuendos, so what can go wrong? “I replaster unpopular glory holes!” GRADE: A-


Best episode in a long time.

NEXT WEEK: Cameron Diaz, Mark Ronson, Bruno Mars

Photo credit: NBC, Saturday Night Live


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