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Saturday Night Live “Tina Fey & Amy Poehler”/ “Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band” Live Blog and Review (41×09)

19 Dec

I’m back! This will most likely be the only SNL I live blog this year, but seeing as I finally have time to do one, I might as well.

GOP DEBATE COLD OPEN: This is a solid political cold open, most notably because it allows everyone to pull out their GOP candidate impressions and have fun with it. Pharoah’s Carson impression is awesome–those sleep glasses are great–and the interplay between Bush and Trump here is very enjoyable. GRADE: B+

MONOLOGUE: It’s Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, so is it possible to have a bad monologue? Probably not, although this one is meh by their standards. Still, these two just have the best chemistry ever, and although I normally don’t enjoy monologue songs, the two singing it make it better. GRADE: B-

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Saturday Night Live “Louis CK/Rihanna” Live Blog and Review (40×21)

16 May


HILLARY CLINTON SUMMER COLD OPEN: This is a pretty entertaining song to kick off the finale, and once again, it’s fun to see Kate McKinnon and Darrell Hammond as Hillary and Bill, respectively. My favorite part? Hillary attempting to lean against the surfboard in a “cool” manner. Also really like the sung “Live from New York!” GRADE: B+

MONOLOGUE: The SNL Facebook feed is hilarious to read right now. This monologue is going to cause many people–including Lorne–to lose their minds, but as is the case with anything Louis CK does, I find it absolutely biting and brilliant (understandable if you don’t, though). The “mild racism” is fairly, well, mild compared to his child molesting bit, and I can’t believe he got away with it. Happy he did it, though. GRADE: A

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Saturday Night Live “Reese Witherspoon/Florence and the Machine” Live Blog and Review (40×21)

9 May


SOUTHERN REPUBLICAN LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE: There isn’t much to this sketch except for showing us which Republicans are running for President, but it’s certainly fun seeing all of their dance moves. I look forward to seeing how all these cast members handle their characters as the election heats up. GRADE: C+

MONOLOGUE: What a great idea for Mother’s Day, and what a refreshing monologue bit after quite a few average ones. We get to peer for a second into the lives of these cast members, and it’s both hilarious and sweet to see. The home videos at the end are fantastic as well. GRADE: A

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Saturday Night Live “Scarlett Johansson/Wiz Khalifa” Live Blog and Review (40×19)

2 May


MAYWEATHER/PACQUIAO: This is actually a very clever opening, and although I couldn’t care less about the fight, this is a great way for SNL to acknowledge its significance ratings-wise. The physical comedy of Pharoah and Bryant “fighting” each other is absolutely hilarious. GRADE: B+

MONOLOGUE: Scarlett Johansson is awesome, but this monologue is pretty forgettable. The MILF comment is pretty funny, but the “Love to Love You Baby” bit isn’t the best. GRADE: C+

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Saturday Night Live “Taraji P. Henson/Mumford & Sons” Live Blog and Review (40×18)

11 Apr


HILLARY CLINTON COLD OPEN: It’s nice to see Kate McKinnon’s Hillary Clinton impression again, and her changing facial expressions during that one bit are absolutely hilarious. Darrell Hammond shows up as Bill Clinton, and I hope this will be the sign of more to come; after all, SNL’s political sketches falter unless there’s a campaign going on. GRADE: B

COLD OPEN: This is not a very funny segment, and it’s the type of musical monologue that’s more dull than entertaining to watch. The other cast members get in a few solid lines, but this is easily forgettable. Anyway, one thing I want to see tonight, but most definitely won’t: a Person of Interest sketch. GRADE: C

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Saturday Night Live “Michael Keaton/Carly Rae Jepsen” Live Blog and Review (40×17)

4 Apr


ROAD TO THE FINAL FOUR: Any sketch that makes fun of the NCAA’s ridiculous student-athlete policies is great in my book (everyone, go watch John Oliver’s takedown of the NCAA from Last Week Tonight). This one’s pretty entertaining, especially coming right after Wisconsin’s win over Kentucky (yes!!), and Bobby Moynihan showing up as Jahlil Okafor’s replacement is a pretty fun image. “I majored in volcanoes!” GRADE: B+

MONOLOGUE: I normally dislike musical monologues, but this one is so damn fun to watch. The bit with the cheap Keaton footage is priceless, and Moynihan’s “I have six weeks to live” joke is sublime; also, Keaton actually gives in at the end, and it’s as awesome as we could’ve expected. GRADE: A-

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Saturday Night Live “Chris Hemsworth/Zac Brown Band” Live Blog and Review (40×15)

7 Mar


HILLARY CLINTON: SNL‘s political cold opens are more miss than hit these days, but this one is great because of Kate McKinnon’s performance. Amy Poehler did a good job as Clinton, but McKinnon already seems comfortable in the role, and I look forward to seeing more of the impression as we move into election season. GRADE: B+

MONOLOGUE: This is a fairly bland monologue, and although Chris Hemsworth brings his brothers up there–including Kenan Thompson as Callum–there isn’t much to find funny about the bit. Thankfully, it ends just as soon as it starts. GRADE: C-

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Saturday Night Live “Dakota Johnson/Alabama Shakes” Live Blog and Review (40×14)

28 Feb


REAL STORY WITH GRETCHEN CARLSON/GIULIANI: I feel like I’ve seen this same parody at least fifty times now. It’s definitely entertaining–especially Killam as Keaton and Bennett as Birdman–but at the same time, it’s still light on laughs; it’s definitely a better use of the political angle than we’ve been seeing recently, though. Anyway, does the audience even know what this is parodying? GRADE: B-

MONOLOGUE: Nice to see them let Dakota Johnson host in order to promote Ben and Kate! Oh wait…she’s here to talk about Fifty Shades of Grey, and this is a completely forgettable monologue. Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith show up, but they don’t really add anything to the bit. GRADE: C

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Saturday Night Live 40th Anniversary Special Live Blog and Review

15 Feb


All times central. Instead of going by solely sketches, I’ll go by times tonight as well.

6:59-Oh look, Kanye already being an asshole. GRADE: D-

7:02-Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon having a great time is always fantastic to watch, although the opening is certainly very awkward (especially considering they’re trying to cram in as many references as possible). So fun, though. “Dick in a Box!”

7:05-It’ll take about 5 hours to get through these credits, guys.

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Saturday Night Live “J.K. Simmons/D’Angelo” Live Blog and Review (40×13)

31 Jan


Public Service Announcement: Whiplash was the best movie of the year, and J.K. Simmons gave the best performance of the year. Go watch it if you haven’t already.

SUPER BOWL SHUT DOWN: First of all, I urge you to read Marshawn Lynch’s reason behind not talking to the media; it’s excellent, and I respect him for it. As for this opening sketch itself, it’s not very surprising that we’d get a Super Bowl segment to begin the episode, and it’s definitely not a bad one. Pharaoh and Thompson are both very entertaining throughout, and they help move this sketch along quite well. I still prefer Key and Peele doing this, though. GRADE: B

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