It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia “The Gang Beats Boggs” Review (10×01)

14 Jan


10 years in, and we’re still going strong. This seems like one of those shows that will never end, but will keep churning out quality episode after quality episode as it finds new ways to mine gold from a simple setup. “The Gang Beats Boggs” is far from the show’s strongest outing, but it’s still a pretty funny one, one that features excellent physical comedy and Wade Boggs and Dee passed out on a conveyor belt. It’s a welcome return after a long hiatus, and I’m glad to see where this season takes us.

In the premiere, the confines of the plane lead to both the main flaws and the main highs of the episode. It’s certainly a great idea to have all our characters share a common goal, and it’s also a great idea to view the shenanigans unfold in an enclosed space; however, the script doesn’t engage with the surroundings as well as it could have. Yes, the show is about the gang, not the passengers on the plane, but the comedy is a bit weaker here when everyone else is simply a passive, one-note observer.

Of course, as I mentioned, the physical comedy on display in this show is always impressive. Whether it’s Frank drunk or Charlie drunk of Dee drunk, the actors find a way to milk a ton of laughs out of facial expressions and body language. It’s also really entertaining watching Mac as the only sober one here–as Bud Selig–and although we’ve seen many variations of the Frank-Dennis “Air Sex Society” contest, it’s still fun to watch here.

In the end, it all comes down to Charlie, who I’d say is the heart of the show. He’s the only one who simply wants to have fun, who takes a break for coke and rum and chicken, who downs the beers and enjoys the experience. That’s why he’s able to break Wade Boggs’s record at the end, and that’s why he gets those hilarious subtitles. As he and Mac walk off the baseball diamond as the episode comes to a close, the new season of Sunny is just beginning.



– “We’re not on a wide-body DC-10 for nothing.” “Right, we bought tickets.” “Yes, but we chose a wide-body DC-10 on purpose.” “To get up in the sky!” “Okay, let me walk you through it.”

-I kind of want an episode now in which the gang tries to find Dee in the baggage carousel.

-Charlie knows quite a bit about Wade Boggs, yet he doesn’t know that he’s still alive.

– “I mistook that girl for Great Plains trash. She’s actually desert trash…I should’ve picked up on all the multiple gecko tattoos, so that’s on me. Anyway, I’d rather stay in this barren wasteland of a state than spend one more minute with that filth.”

-I do not expect to cover this regularly–Wednesday nights will be devoted mainly to The Americans–but I’ll definitely check in if there’s a really fantastic episode later on (I’m sure there will be).

Photo credit: FXX, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia


2 Responses to “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia “The Gang Beats Boggs” Review (10×01)”

  1. Hepburn3 January 15, 2015 at 1:14 pm #

    I love this show! It always makes me laugh. The ‘Gang” are just such really awful people, the worst for me though is Dennis as he is truly a sexual predator, I always enjoy when he gets his comeuppance, be he is just the WORST. 🙂
    Charlie is the heart, an illiterate one but the heart, I love how deluded Mac is about his whole role in life and that he thinks he has martial arts skills, Sweet Dee is just so desperate but she does have the best zingers when she is telling off the guys. Frank is just an instigator and impotent one at that, he wants to have control but there is just insane chaos and delusion running amok in the gangs daily dealings.
    I to be honest have no idea who Wade Boggs is and his beer thing, but it did make for funny comedy!
    I am looking forward to this season! 🙂

    • Hepburn3 January 15, 2015 at 1:39 pm #

      oh one of the things that I love about this show is the soundtrack. The music is just so diabolically opposed to the Gang and what they do. From the happy sounding ice skating music theme, to the music used as links that sound like happy game show music from the 50’s, it is just so twisted and l love it, The music is like another character. 🙂

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