Person of Interest “Search and Destroy” Review (4×19)

8 Apr


After a string of entertaining–yet ultimately middling–episodes, Person of Interest turns it up a notch with “Search and Destroy”, an hour that features one of the most compelling “case-of-the-week”s of the season. It not only sets up the final arc, but also delivers a complete story about a man who falls from powerful CEO to powerless victim, a man who’s in the wrong place at the wrong time. As we move into the final three episodes of the season, Samaritan’s presence is increasing by the minute, and Khan’s storyline is only an indication of what’s to come.

“There’s no way to keep the victim safe if the perpetrator is Samaritan,” Harold says midway through the episode, and it’s a telling line that emphasizes just how powerful Samaritan is; sure, Khan constantly tries to fight back, but in the end, “the insatiable need to confirm [that an AI is out to take him down] will be the death of him”. The Daily Show‘s Aasif Mandvi does a wonderful job here of conveying Khan’s desperation and determination, and it’s a great guest performance that helps move the episode along briskly.

There’s another interesting line that pops up early in the episode. When Khan is informed that he’s being let go, he angrily spits: “I’m an innovator, and you’re a glorified accountant!” If you think about it, it was actually an innovator–Harold–who started this all, and now, the innovators are being eliminated in order to foster a world of robots and pawns. There’s a feeling of helplessness throughout Khan’s story, and it takes a foundation of a celebrity scandal–with his wife’s naked picture leak–and turns it into something more sinister. A foreboding mood permeates the episode, and it all ends with Khan lying on the floor, his life taken in an instant by a bullet. His story has finished, but the fight against Samaritan is just getting going.



– “Shotgun.” Awesome.

-The episode does have a dark ending, but it’s still very entertaining to watch. Zoe Morgan is always a welcome presence, and Root is fantastic as always. Her fight with Martine is a highlight.

-The briefcase code is “314”, which is key because it ties in the storyline with Caleb; it also happens to be the first three numbers of “pi”.

-It seems like Martine may be starting to drift apart from Greer. It’ll be interesting to see whether a split does occur in the final three episodes.

-Apologies for the less in depth review than normal. Expect next week’s review to show up this late as well, especially considering Justified’s series finale drops at the same time on the 14th.

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3 Responses to “Person of Interest “Search and Destroy” Review (4×19)”

  1. Hepburn3 April 8, 2015 at 3:25 pm #

    Yes! This episode was a welcome change from the two previous rather middling episodes!
    Reece had some killer one liners, he gave Horatio Caine a run for his money.
    It was good to see Root in action and her fight with Martine was good but what I found odd is that Root always carries and shoots two guns, why only one gun this time and why no extra ammo? She always has more clips as does Reece and why load up their SUV with all that C4 and guns and not use it especially when they had to know that where they were heading was a Samaritan site?
    Reece also should have shot Martine when he came to drag Root off, but it seems that Martine will meet her end and soon. Also I want Claire to get her comeuppance as well but Greer’s downfall will be the sweetest! 🙂
    It seems that the Machine was not talking to Root much that same way that Harold was not, I was glad that the Machine gave Root the code for opening the case but just what was inside that Faberge Egg?
    Aasif Mandvi was good in his role but to be honest I am so used to him on the Daily Show being funny and glib that I half expected John Stewart to be at the board meeting along with Stephen Colbert. 😉
    When he said the line about being an innovator and being pushed out by glorified accountants it did make me think about Harold for that is just what he is an innovator and I mos def see Greer as a glorified accountant, Greer does not create anything, he just steals and appropriates the lives and works of others, again when Greer dies I will be doing my happy dance! 🙂
    I do wonder why Martine has changed her hair colour? Is she trying to look like Shaw, or even Root her nemesis?
    Do you really think that she is drifting from Greer PB? Also I want to see Jeremy and know what he is up to.
    I did love what Root said to John just before she went on her kill Martine mode. 🙂
    It was lovely to see Zoe again and I love that she keeping an eye on John and knows of his dalliance with the doctor, I do not think that it will end well.
    I loved that Harold called Reece Riley during the shoot out, he is always thinking and aware.
    I did find it rather telling that Reece wanted to teach Harold how to shoot a gun by telling him that he will not always be around, Harold’s answer was rather chilling to me though.

    All in all it was a good episode and I am looking forward to next week!
    See you then PB! 🙂

  2. Hepburn3 April 8, 2015 at 3:26 pm #

    p.s. you can be late with your PoI review PB but please do not be less in depth next week! 🙂

  3. Justin April 8, 2015 at 4:28 pm #

    Watching this episode just increase my desire for Samaritan’s downfall. It has caused so much damage already. It needs to be stopped.

    When Finch said the moment he’ll pick up a gun would be the moment all would be lost, It took as foreshadowing. I can imagine things really get very intense during the final battle against Samaritan that forces Finch to go that far.

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