New Girl “Clean Break” Review (4×22)

5 May


New Girl is built on character dynamics, on the shifting relationships between people and the everlasting bonds the loft members share. At its peaks, it can deliver some of the sharpest comedy on TV, but even at its lows, it’s still extremely entertaining to watch these people hang out and navigate their lives. “Clean Break” is a fantastic finale that brings it all back around to the history these characters share, and it’s a lovely, lovely way to close out season four.

The through line of the episode revolves around making a “clean break”, around looking forward, not back. This idea manifests itself in Coach’s packing process, and as the episode progresses, it becomes clearer and clearer that it’s going to be tough to simply throw out much of his recent history. In fact, for all the loft members, it’s not a very easy task to part with sunglasses or with a sex mug or with a Regis Philbin crepe pan. These objects are parts of who they are, and they’re representative of a fun, wacky, and unforgettable history.

And so, the message the finale leaves with us is that you can make a “clean break” without completely changing who you are. Nick and Jess make a mutual agreement to throw away the sex mug, Coach decides to take along a few things, Schmidt proposes to Cece, and Winston continues being good ‘ol Winston. Changes happen in your life, and there’s no use dwelling on broken hearts or missed chances; what matters is moving forward with your head held high. If the new post-it note on the refrigerator is any indication, there are quite a few things to look forward to in the future. This is a fitting, emotional, and wonderfully written ending, and I’m excited for season five.




-What I want from next season: Don’t try to replace Coach. Focus on the characters that you have left, show, and let these wonderful actors do what they do.

– “I’m going to get hard and fix myself.”

-Can we please have the old title sequence back?

-Nick trying to do burpees is hilarious. I want an episode of him learning various exercises, then attempting to teach other people how to do them. Maybe a workout video.

-Winston’s voicemail.

-That final song: giving me some Chuck flashbacks.

-Jack McBrayer makes a very welcome cameo in this episode.

-I feel like this season was a bit more stable than season 3, but there weren’t as many standout episodes as there were last year. The main episode I will come back to, however, is “Background Check”, which was phenomenal.

-Any hopes/predictions for next season? The ratings for the show haven’t been great recently, but syndication’s a big deal. Anyway, I’m not sure I see this going beyond six seasons, and I wouldn’t be shocked if next season were the last. I feel like the show’s beginning to wind down now, and I sure hope that it goes out on top, a la 30 Rock or Parks and Recreation. It definitely deserves to.

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2 Responses to “New Girl “Clean Break” Review (4×22)”

  1. Hepburn3 May 5, 2015 at 10:24 pm #

    Egads I just love New Girl! I would love to hang out with them, live in the loft and play True American ( even if I know I would lose because I am Canadian) ;).
    Tonight was so funny and sweet in parts. I am going to miss Coach ( Damon Wayans Jr is the spitting image of his handsome dad and just as funny!).
    I loved Cece and Schmidt together they just make me happy and I love how he was weeping in bed with Cece! And I love Jack Mcbrayer’s cameo (Egads I miss his Kenneth and 30 Rock!) Nick is a wonderful goofball and I love how ridiculous he is yes I would watch him fail at exercising too, I am in the minority I guess becauseI like him and Jess as good friends, together they just get on each other’s nerves and when that happens they get on mine.
    Winston and Ferguson are THE BEST! I love how he does weekly cat selfies and his wacky is totally normal for him! And yes his voice mail message was outstanding but hey Winston is incredible swift when it comes to the phone.
    It was the end to a good season and YES BRING BACK THE ORIGINAL OPENING!!
    I am glad we like a lot of the same shows PB it is almost like watching them with you. 🙂

    NOW ON TO THE PoI review!! ( I loved the finale of that too!!!) 🙂

    • polarbears16 May 5, 2015 at 10:26 pm #

      Working on the POI review now! It was amazing!!!

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