Veronica Mars Season 2, Episodes 3-5 Review

7 Sep

vm 2.04


Attempting to juggle too many plot points can come back to bite a show, but as of right now, it’s pretty entertaining watching Veronica Mars break from its season one structure to try something new. We’re getting cliffhangers left and right, Aaron Echolls is being brought back into the fold through Curly Moran, and cases of the week are being interwoven with multiple overarching plots. Aside from a karaoke scene that goes on for way too long, this episode is really great, especially when it focuses on Cassidy’s relationship with his family or the tensions between Duncan, Logan, and Veronica (with some Kendall stuff now thrown in). On the Duncan-Logan note, it’s easy to see where exactly this conflict is coming from based on what we know about the characters, and we can probably draw a line connecting their relationship around the Jake Kane accusation period to accusations leveled at Logan recently. Logan prides loyalty, but he feels like he’s not getting any from Duncan.


First off, that entire “sorority girl seducing Colin as Wallace sells pens and opened candy bars” sequence is comedy gold, and Kristen Bell is a national treasure. Elsewhere, “Green-Eyed Monster” tackles the lingering past, whether it be with Duncan visiting Meg or Alicia coming across her ex husband (Ornette Howard!!!); those scenes then tie in with the ideas of trust and hidden truths. In an environment in which relationships break apart and tragedy continues to strike, it’s important to realize that there are some people you can still have faith in.


This episode definitely ties in well thematically to “Green-Eyed Monster”, as it expands on the revelation about Wallace’s father and also places Wallace and Veronica on opposite sides of a rift. Percy Daggs III is pretty great throughout the episode as his character is suddenly forced to confront a major aspect of his past, and to make matters worse, this is when Jackie decides to con Veronica and embarrass her on TV. Kudos to Wallace for recognizing the wrong in that action, and kudos to Veronica for deciding not to take revenge at the end (we had a similar plot about revenge before with Mac, I believe). As for Wallace leaving at the end, I feel for the guy and I hope he’ll be back soon.



-One of my favorite scenes: Mr. Pope and Veronica talking about the real estate scam. He’s a good guy, that Mr. Pope.

-The scene in which Veronica switches our her iPod for Kendall’s is hilarious.

– “It looks like it’s always looked. The rich get richer, and everybody else hopes for scholarships.”

– “Do you own those clothes, or did you just make a stop at Dirty Co-eds R Us?”

– “I tried real hard. I just couldn’t get the nuts off. I think they’re just…too tight. But, I did just put lotion all over my hands, so they’re kind of slippery.”

– “Chesty La Rue. Hey, Duncan. I’m fine, I’m slathering up my boobs as we speak. Can I call you back?”

Photo credit: UPN/CW, Veronica Mars

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