Veronica Mars “Ahoy, Mateys!”/ “My Mother the Fiend” Review (2×08/2×09)

14 Sep


EPISODE 8: “Ahoy, Mateys!”

The opening scene of this episode pretty much spells out where Duncan’s at right now. We open with a dream sequence consisting of an Angel/Devil image–Meg’s dressed all in white, Veronica’s dressed all in black–and the subsequent scenes serve to emphasize just how torn Duncan’s subconscious is at the moment. He sees Veronica and Logan talking to each other on the couch, but he essentially pays no attention to them and moves right on to the Meg letter.

It’s obvious that the past is still lingering on all these characters’ minds, and this episode’s “case-of-the-week” deals with something that plays into that idea: the death of Marcos Oliveres, whose parents are now being harassed by constantly being reminded of their son’s death. It’s a fine plot, but the true gems in this episode lie in a couple acting moments by this wonderful cast. First, the Logan-Veronica scene in the car after Veronica’s threatened at the bar, and second, the scene in which Logan’s kidnapped by Thumper. Both scenes are, without a doubt, chilling, and Bell and Dohring are at the tops of their games in this episode.


EPISODE 9: “My Mother the Fiend”

Veronica, who the hell uses the word ‘fiend’? This annoys me more than it probably should, but anyway…there’s a nice emotional payoff at the end of “My Mother the Fiend” when we find out that Trina’s the prom baby and that Mary’s the mother, and the episode as a whole is a nice exploration of who Veronica is and who Lianne was (all without actually including Lianne). There’s a nice scene in here in which Veronica at first is planning on tricking Trina into making a video to draw Celeste out, but decides to tell Trina the truth; she realizes that if she were to trick Trina, she’d be stooping to a level she hopes her mom never stooped to.

The one thing I’m not sure about in this episode is the ending. Meg’s revealed to be pregnant, which…okay? Rarely do developments in this show feel “soapy”, but this one definitely does. We’ll see where it goes from here, but at least we have Clemmons and that long con to get us by for now. Nice to see him come out on top after all this.



-“It’s not all crotch-grabbing, scatological man humor. There’s a little something for everyone.” “Flatulent sound effects for me?”

– “Rode Hard, meet Put Away Wet.”

-Oh hey, it’s the Principal. I never really realized until now that we never met him before.

-The writers definitely had quite a bit of fun writing the Trina-Kendall verbal battle scene.

-I’ve seen the next episode, and I have to say: it’s the worst episode of the series thus far.

Photo credit: Veronica Mars, UPN/CW

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