Thoughts on the 88th Annual Academy Awards

29 Feb


Not going to/qualified to comment on every category, but here are some thoughts:


Best Picture: I am extremely happy about Spotlight taking home the crown. It was the frontrunner at first, but a PGA win for The Big Short and DGA/BAFTA winners for The Revenant knocked it down a notch. I predicted The Revenant, but it was a pleasant surprise to hear Spotlight announced. It’s the perfect example of a film that takes a potentially Oscar-bait topic and turns it into something else (i.e. a damn compelling and well made film).

Best Actor/Actress: There were other people I wished were nominated in these categories, but I’m happy with the winners. Leo finally got his first Oscar! I think his Wolf of Wall Street role fit him perfectly and should’ve snagged him the award, but this will do. As for Brie, I’m so, so happy for her. A year ago, no one knew who she was–please watch Short Term 12, everyone–and now, she’s a winner. I love that she, Walton Goggins, and Oscar Isaac are all getting the attention they deserve this year.

Best Supporting Actor: Everyone thought it was going to be Stallone, but Rylance shocked the world. He deserves it, though.


Mad Max: Fury Road winning a bunch: And yet, it should’ve won more. What an amazing movie.

Best Visual Effects: If there’s any movie I would’ve been fine with taking an award from Mad Max, it’s this one (my personal favorite of the year). This is a real surprise, but the visuals for this were truly incredible. I would still give the edge to Mad Max in this category, but it’s worth comparing the two budgets: $150 million for Mad Max, and $15 million only for Ex Machina.

Best Cinematography: What a wonderful category. Lubezki deserves it for his breathtaking work on The Revenant, although I do feel really bad for Roger Deakins. He better win one soon.

Best Original Score: Standing ovation very well deserved for Morricone. I do have to say that the Carol score is my favorite of the year, though. Listen to it!

Best Animated FeatureInside Out is a phenomenal movie.

Chris Rock Monologue: He just tore into them with aplomb, and it was incredible to listen to. I felt like his hosting job steadily went downhill from there–I did enjoy the Compton theater interviews–but he started off with a bang. “Sorority racist” is such a perfect description of Hollywood.

Lady Gaga performance: Never been a huge fan of hers and thought the Bowie tribute was mediocre, but this was a moving performance. Also, how about Brie hugging everyone who was with her on the stage?

Son of Saul winning: Great movie.

Louis CK presenting: He should host next year.

Everything about Jacob Tremblay



George Miller not winning: Not to take anything away from Inarritu, but this was Miller’s award.

World of Tomorrow not winning: This is an incredible film. Seriously, it’s one of the best pieces of work I watched in 2015. Of course, I’m not completely qualified to say what should win, as I haven’t seen any of the other nominees.

Best Original Song: Yeah, Sam Smith has a good voice, but his songs are so bland. “Writing’s On the Wall” was no different.

Minions presenting: Unnecessary.

Stacey Dash: Whatever the hell that was.

Alicia Vikander winning for the wrong movie: Don’t get me wrong, she was great in The Danish Girl and absolutely deserved the award. However, I found her Ex Machina performance to be one of the best of the year.

Playing people off with annoying music

One more shoutout to the snubs: Walton Goggins, Oscar Isaac, Abraham Attah, Idris Elba, Michael B. Jordan, Nina Hoss (although not eligible), Steve Jobs/The Hateful Eight screenplays, Jacob Tremblay, It Follows/Mad Max: Fury Road scores, Jason Segel, Charlize Theron, some more I probably forgot

Overall, I’m very happy with these awards. Thanks for reading, and I look forward to another great year in film.

Photo credits: ABC, The Academy

4 Responses to “Thoughts on the 88th Annual Academy Awards”

  1. robbinsrealm February 29, 2016 at 12:09 pm #

    1. Spotlight for Best Picture

    2. Leonardo DiCaprio for Best Actor

    3. The Hateful Eight for Best Original Score

  2. JustMeMike February 29, 2016 at 2:54 pm #

    Nice cogent recap –

    I agree with most of your thoughts. Hated the ‘performance’ of the Bond song during the show. Didn’t mind it as much in the film. Difference being the visual focus was changed from the idea of the song to the man singing it.

    Will MIller feel content with his take away of Oscars. Probably not. Not to diminish the technical awards, but if you get all those (or the majority of those), how does the Director Award go elsewhere?

    Minions and Star Wars characters presenting was kind of fun – but as you said, unnecessary.

    Of Danish Girl, Carol, and Ex Machina, I’ve only seen Vikander as the robo-girl. Probably will wait on Danish Girl – but would like to see Carol.

    So the Oscars and the film awards are done for the year. Bring on Baseball, the Stanley Cup, and March Madness.

    • polarbears16 March 1, 2016 at 12:42 pm #

      Yeah, Mad Max definitely deserved that director award (and the best picture award for that matter, although Spotlight was great).

  3. peggyatthemovies March 5, 2016 at 10:53 pm #

    I liked the awards over all.. you know there were some I didn’t even think deserved to be there that you love.. but for the most part, I like who won. The only thing on the whole ‘controversy’ it’s a diversity thing..not just a black actors thing…that annoyed me. We all had those we thought should or shouldn’t be nominated..but I realize they can’t nominate everyone. Brie Larson winning and Charlize not even nominated was for me..the only true pisser.. 🙂

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