High-Rise Review

2 May


High-Rise has the ingredients needed to be a bad movie: off-putting characters, a frequently incoherent plot, and a style that is oftentimes prioritized over substance. And yet, there’s something alluring about the film and its rampant debauchery, its high-rise setting a kaleidoscope of sex, violence, and pretentious shits wearing wigs. It’s controlled chaos, but it also feels at times like Ben Wheatley and Amy Jump Mad-Libbed the entire thing (and they had a book to go off of!). Roast dog? Check. Horses? Check. Lobotomy requests? Check. Margaret Thatcher? Why the hell not?

Honestly, if the ghost of Margaret Thatcher floated down from the top floor and gleefully threw herself into an orgy, it wouldn’t be so out of place in this movie. What I’m essentially saying is that it’s all undoubtedly interesting to watch, and even though there’s a detachment here that prevents you from really getting sucked into the story, there’s something fascinating enough in there to keep it going. Namely, it’s an interesting depiction of society left to crumble, of humans left to their basest instincts as all surface layers peel away.



-That poster up there is like the more morbid version of the Mad Men opening credits. No, person, you will not be falling into a couch this time.

-There is an “S.O.S.” (by Abba) montage in this that is fantastic.

Photo credit: High-Rise, StudioCanal, Film4, Recorded Picture Company


2 Responses to “High-Rise Review”

  1. MovieManJackson May 2, 2016 at 9:59 pm #

    Really want to see this one, Hiddleston is consistently great. Did you get a screener?

    • polarbears16 May 3, 2016 at 12:40 am #

      Ooh I wish I got screeners! I was able to catch an early screening.

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