Banshee “Truths Other Than the Ones You Tell Yourself” Review (4×07)

13 May


“Who are you?”

It’s a question that has been on everyone’s mind since the series premiere, but Lucas Hood has oftentimes avoided having to confront it head-on. He attempts to do the same in the penultimate episode as he sits in a basement with Brock, but the current sheriff pushes hard, getting him to face the truth and vocalize his internal struggles. It’s a phenomenal scene for both Matt Servitto and Antony Starr, and it’s permeated by the history between the two of them, by the internal conflicts that have plagued these characters throughout the series. It’s a scene about identity and who you want to be, and fittingly for Hood, it’s about the truth he tells himself. “The lie took over,” he tells Brock. “I believed it. I was the sheriff. I was a cop and I liked it. Somehow, it just felt right.” On the other side, Brock laments to Hood: “I never got to be the sheriff I wanted to be.” These feelings feel very real and very weighty, and Banshee proves here that it’s not just your typical action show.

It’s a shame, then, that the serial killer storyline this season had to be so dull. The way it’s wrapped up here in this episode is fine as a piece of entertainment, but within the context of the show, it’s extremely disappointing that the storyline existed at all. Given more time, I have confidence that these writers could develop a storyline like that that actually makes an impact, but right now, I’m more glad that it’s over. It’s really simplistic and conventional stuff, and I’m happy that the finale can instead focus on the things that matter, on the characters we care about. So, while I found this aspect of the final season disappointing, I’m still going into the finale with confidence that it’ll be good. After all, this show has delivered time and time again, and it’s sure to go out with a bang.



-Clay Burton taking off his glasses will never not be badass. It’s a bit disappointing that we don’t get to see the fight scene, but it’s a nifty camera trick to rotate around to the blood-soaked aftermath. Hopefully Burton gets to kick some ass in the finale.

-Hubbard telling Carrie to finish what she started seems a tiny bit abrupt, but whatever. It’s a shorter season, and I want to see her storyline end satisfactorily in the finale.

-Job’s scene with Leo the hacker at the end is incredible. That guy got what was coming to him.

-I’ll be here next week to review the finale. See you then.

Photo credit: Cinemax, Banshee


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