Money Monster Review

14 May


If there’s one thing Money Monster taught me, it’s that the creative team knows how to make a movie. I don’t mean that in the “they sure know how to craft an amazing work of art!” kind of way; I mean that in a more “they are competent at the process and this is a movie that they just made” manner. The whole thing is just kind of…fine, I guess? It’s a thriller-satire-mystery mash-up that tries to navigate too much in its brisk running time, but it features solid performances and is effective enough at managing tension and delivering its message.

On that last point, what’s nice is that its message isn’t as one note as it looked, e.g. “all those Wall Street dipshits suck”. It’s certainly preachy, but there’s an underlying theme about empathy that helps the story and character dynamics resonate a bit more. Unfortunately, the subtlety in that message gets lost a little amid the variety of subplots and characters that get introduced throughout (for instance, one subplot is about a guy and an erectile dysfunction drug and the fact that it even warrants thirty seconds is inane). I appreciate the movie trying to reach for something outside of its hostage thriller roots, but it all eventually gets muddled. Whatever, Jack O’Connell yells a lot and waves around a gun and I guess it’s fun to watch at times.



-When will Giancarlo Esposito get a post-Gus Fring role that is worthy of his talent?

-Comedy is hit or miss in this one.

Photo credit: Money Monster, TriStar Pictures


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