Person of Interest “ShotSeeker” Review (5×05)

18 May


I’m bringing back my string-of-bullets style review because I don’t have the energy to really grind out an essay right now. Also, I have a bit less to say here than I did for the first four episodes of the season. Here we go:

-Especially after last night’s emotional rollercoaster, I can see why some fans might be a little disappointed that the show goes back to the case-of-the-week format here. However, as amazing as the serialized storyline is, I’ve always had a soft spot for the numbers, i.e. the heart and soul of the show. Like always, the way the writers integrate the overarching plot with the case of the week is impressive.

-Root and Finch have another interesting conversation in this episode about how much power to give The Machine. Root refers to The Machine as a child who needs to learn to push back, who needs to be equipped to face the oncoming storm. Finch responds by saying that he does trust The Machine…it’s just that “if there’s anyone here who needs to recode The Machine, it should be The Machine”. This not only gets at the central conflict over power and technology, but also taps into what it means to be a parent in general.

-Loss is a big theme that plays out in this show as well. When Garvin tells Reese that Krupa’s gone and that nobody cares, Reese responds by saying: “You care”. Yes, the world keeps on spinning as people leave it, but there are people who will care. That’s important to take note of and appreciate.

-Elias is alive! I’m overjoyed to see Enrico Colantoni killing it yet again. As a narrative decision, I can’t pass judgment yet on whether continuing this storyline works for the show, but it’s always fun to see Elias. The show was solid sans Elias early on, but his presence definitely motivated me to continue watching.

-Speaking of, the whole “go back to the shadows” conversation at the end between Bruce Moran and Elias is really interesting. This season’s all about not hiding anymore, about facing a god head on in Samaritan. Team Machine has been in the shadows for most of the series, but now, they have to fight.

-Finally, I love that the season’s finally bringing Fusco straight into the mix. I hope–and he should–play a big role in the final 8 episodes of the series, and he’s really great to watch during “ShotSeeker”. Reese calling and thanking him is a big step, and it’s probably my favorite scene of the episode.

-3–that’s right, 3–episodes next week! See you then.



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One Response to “Person of Interest “ShotSeeker” Review (5×05)”

  1. Hepburn3 May 25, 2016 at 1:42 pm #

    The best thing about this for me was the fact that Elias is ALIVE!! 🙂

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