Person of Interest “A More Perfect Union” Review (5×06)

23 May


My stream of bullets:

-First and foremost, this episode is a hell of a lot of fun. The bachelorette party in the beginning–complete with Janna’s infatuation with Reese–is a great way to kick off the episode, and Finch’s Irish accent later is to die for. Not only that, but him singing “We’re Not Gonna Take It” is just plain hilarious. Plus, Amy Acker on a horse!

-As always, the episode also finds some quieter character moments underneath all the fun. The conversation between Finch and Root about why Root showed up at the wedding is pretty touching, and Reese and Maggie find some moments of connection amidst the madness. Also, there’s something quietly poetic about the shot of the Machine Team looking at the happy couple on the dance floor. One thing the season has grappled with thus far has been the idea of normality and its feasibility in the context of this show, and this shot is a wonderful way of showing, not telling, this idea.

-Once again, Root and Finch have a conversation about how much power to give The Machine, something we’ve seen over and over again between the two of them. Finch reiterates an important point here: “Who’s to say that with absolute power, we would be able to control ourselves?” Root responds: “We can’t know if we don’t try.” So here, we’ve got the push and pull between power corrupting and the necessity of risk-taking, and it’ll be interesting to see how it all plays out in the seven episodes we have left. Speaking of, only seven left makes me sad. Two more will be knocked out tomorrow night.

-Fusco early on: “No can do, I got a life.” I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I hope Fusco is an integral part of this show’s endgame, as he’s a character I’d love to see more of. His investigation is certainly getting more interesting, and we leave him on a cliffhanger.

-The writers sure are having a blast with these Samaritan simulations, and they’re undoubtedly really compelling to watch. I’m ambivalent about the series bringing back Gabriel Hayward–the kid–but I do like the mind games between Shaw and Greer. With this, we’re seeing both sides of the equation, seeing a scenario in which a number would not even need to come up. It’s truly fascinating to navigate these philosophical and moral questions.

-Shaw: None of this is real. Gabriel: But it will be if you don’t let me protect you from yourselves.” That last bit is appropriate considering my above points about Finch and Root.

-The opening shot of the next episode will be Bear exploding out of the rubble like a superhero.


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One Response to “Person of Interest “A More Perfect Union” Review (5×06)”

  1. Hepburn3 May 25, 2016 at 1:53 pm #

    Okay Harold singing Twisted Sister “We’re not going to take it”with an Irish brogue killed me, especially since I was dreading that they might bring out that old cart horse “Oh Danny Boy” because that is the ONLY Irish song in the world that is sung on tv and movies! 😉
    I found everyone’s dismay about Root wanting to go to a wedding says a lot about how she is looked at by Finch and Reese, them being shocked by her wanting to go to a wedding was sound considering that she always thinks of people as “bad code’ . It was touching that she was lonely and wanted to be with her friends/family at this life bonding event.
    The scene of Root, Finch and Reese looking at the loving married couple moved me because of what it meant, they looked happy for them but at the same time sad, because they know what is going on with Samaritan and this kind of love and joy may not last for anyone. I do hope that Finch gives the Machine her full power because that is the only way she can fight but maybe like Finch hopes that she will write her own winning code?
    Shaw and Greer and the creepy little twerp. Samaritan is just the worst and that kid is AWFUL.
    Remember what I said before about Samaritan being an over indulged spoiled child? That kid actor brings that across big time he needs a timeout or spanking or both!
    Samaritan let me look out for you and take care of you and save you from yourself or I will destroy you. Samaritan is an A-hole. There I said it. 😀

    Good review PB! 🙂

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