Veronica Mars Season 2, Episodes 14-16 Review

22 Aug



I don’t have much to say about this episode, but it does set up a nice conflict for Veronica: she has to balance her case-solving necessities with the kids’ desires not to have their identities figured out, and although I must say that it isn’t a very compelling story for me overall, it’s still intriguing enough to anchor the episode. Elsewhere, Kristen Cavallari guest stars as Kylie, and it’s pretty clear that she is a bad actress right off the bat; I guess she fits in nicely with Jay Cutler, her bad football player of a husband.

Wow, I’m really slacking off on these reviews. That’s mostly me being lazy, but it’s also partly due to the show just coasting along right now. It’s perfectly enjoyable episode to episode, but I don’t see the overarching plot working as well as the Lilly Kane murder did. I do appreciate, however, that the writers are obviously trying to craft a very different kind of season here, and I can also see why this season is so divisive.



I had a hard time believing that Terrence Cook is behind the bus crash, mostly because there are still 7 episodes left in the season and the evidence was pretty clearly planted. I couldn’t care less about Cook right now, but what I do like is how the writers are using the character to explore Keith a bit more. It’s a great showcase for Enrico Colantoni, and the opening shot of the episode tells you all you need to know about Keith’s state at that moment.

As for the rest of the episode, Heidi’s a fun presence in the show–her wedding scene in particular is extremely entertaining–Kendall Casablancas teams up with Aaron Echolls in order to hopefully become less of a useless character, and Veronica has yet another delightful detective battle with Vinnie Van Lowe. Also, the Logan-Hannah situation allows for some great work by Jason Dohring, and it’s an interesting position for the character to be in because it’s clear that he genuinely likes Hannah. As often as he can be an asshole, he can also be a decent person, and this storyline is a great one for Dohring to sink his teeth into.



Oh hey, it’s George Michael and Maeby! Also, this episode marks the return of Troy, that guy we saw all the way back at the beginning of the series, and his situation highlights Veronica’s idea of change: whereas Logan is “falling for” Hannah in part because of his own need for change, Veronica doesn’t let herself believe that Troy could’ve changed. It’s interesting in this particular case that we don’t get a clearcut resolution to the case, as Veronica only proves that Troy did not commit the crime.

I like the way the storyline is handled, though, especially when we’re talking about the scene in which Veronica tells Maeby that “it’ll suck…and then it’ll suck less”. It’s a lovely acting moment for Kristen Bell, and Veronica’s absolutely right when she mentions an “Emmy nomination”; it truly is sad that Bell never received a nomination for this show.

Oh, and one more thing: we need to have Keith and Cliff teaming up more often.


Photo credit: CW/UPN, Veronica Mars


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