Veronica Mars Season 2, Episodes 17-19 Review

22 Aug



Well, what an ending that is. We get some progress on other storylines–Woody’s turning into a suspect, Cassidy and Mac break up, and Wallace kisses Jackie–but the episode is mainly building up to that excellent, intense final sequence. Here, the show intertwines its characters and their pasts, and Logan ends up being the one who pushes the plunger that sends Shark Stadium crumbling to the ground; fittingly, this is all set in motion by Weevil, someone who loved Felix (this is emphasized earlier in a truly wonderful scene for Francis Capra). I’m assuming that this literal explosion is only the beginning, as we seem to be moving into the season’s endgame right now.



I realize now why the bus crash plot isn’t entirely working for me: we don’t really know much about the victims of the crash. It’s not until episode 18 that we get these “I Am God” dream sequences, and try as they might, they’re not going to be able to act as a corrective for all of the season’s problems. Put this episode earlier in the season, and the show can utilize the remaining episodes to flesh out its bus crash characters; put this episode where it is, and we get 3/4 of a season of plot without a solid character base.

Nevertheless, “I Am God” is definitely a great episode, and although dream sequences oftentimes fall flat on their faces, they’re used nicely here because we’re essentially seeing Veronica’s thought process on the screen. There is certainly quite a bit of haunting imagery throughout, and it’s a storyline that contrasts well with the fun Logan-Wallace egg drop plot. Also, the scene in which Keith finds Veronica in the closet is one of my favorites of the series thus far, and now that Veronica’s somehow been accepted to Stanford, I’m hoping she meets up with Chuck Bartowski pre-expulsion.



One thing the show’s been getting right this year is Weevil, who’s had a really intriguing character arc so far, one that also has similarities with Veronica’s from season one. I can’t believe that he’s the one who caused the bus crash, though, and I hope that the Fitzpatricks aren’t the perpetrators, either. As for Kendall, I’ve disliked her as a character so far this season, but now that we’re now finding more and more about her, she’ll hopefully become a more interesting character moving forward. The show’s now bringing Aaron Echolls into the mix again, so we’ll see how that turns out.


Photo credit: UPN/CW, Veronica Mars

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