A Quiet Place Review

22 Apr

Does remarkably little with a great premise, even going so far as to turn it into one of the film’s glaring weaknesses. What should be a unique form of tension-building dread is instead a conduit for the most basic studio horror crutches, resulting in an experience that sort of works only because it’s impossible not to have a certain type of visceral reaction. After all, this is what happens when a film doesn’t engage with its premise beyond its most basic function; it ends up relying on the laziest forms of storytelling to fill in the blank spaces. Here, we have an over-reliance on jump scares, awful dialogue, contrivances that make you roll your eyes instead of sink deeper into the film’s world, and rote emotional subplots that feel more obligatory than natural.

It’s not a bad film. There are plenty of moments that are, as I said, effective on a purely visceral level, and those moments are what keep this from falling below three stars. It’s an underwhelming experience overall, though, and one can only imagine what could’ve resulted from this premise if it were allowed to take more risks instead of revert to half baked story construction.


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