Vice Review

3 Jan

Obnoxious, condescending, and extremely messy, yet under all of that it’s still somehow quite watchable. I’m not sure if it’s due more to the eminently compelling real life story or to the charm in watching McKay swing for the fences (and miss more often than not, but still). As a biopic, the film, like many others, attempts to cover way too much ground in too little time, and there’s a huge disconnect between McKay’s know it all smugness and the reductive conclusions he makes throughout. As a piece of entertainment, though, there’s still a wild, unsubtle satirical energy to some of the scenes that renders the whole thing an amusing time at the theater. From the reactions you’d think that The Big Short was some sort of magnum opus relative to this, but the two films really are not too far apart. McKay’s still best when he does Anchorman though.

Also, Amy Adams deserves an Oscar or two, but probably not for this.


One Response to “Vice Review”

  1. Ricardo January 4, 2019 at 2:17 pm #

    I found this quite re watchable. What drew me into it was not the condemnation of those in power who work for the Republican Party, but the picture it paints of power itself.
    I am convinced, and perhaps the filmmaker will disagree, that the same money related conversations occur in Democratic circles as well.
    As such, I enjoyed the realization of just how clueless we all are, and how silly it truly is to be fighting among ourselves, when those at the top, regardless of what they believe (or are they just servants to power?) function in an entirely different sphere than the rest of us.

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