Ford v Ferrari Review

7 Sep

Think of everything you know about this movie, then close your eyes and imagine how it will play out. Congrats, you’ve pretty much nailed it!

This is as formulaic structure-wise as they come, and even some of the more emotional moments feel manufactured according to a sports biopic manual. The film makes a mediocre attempt at fleshing out the characters outside of their relationship to racing, but it eventually realizes that its strengths lie in the racing itself. The racing sequences are legitimately thrilling. It’s immaculate on a technical level, with the sound mixing, editing, and score responsible for most of the overall experience. On screen, Bale also elevates the material with yet another smarmy but likable performance. Overall, as cliched as it is, it’s still entertaining, and it still knows how to hit every predictable beat with full force.

Outside of the below the line categories and Bale, it really belongs nowhere near any awards, but people will probably eat it up. I’d take this over a lot of the stuff we got last year, at least. ALSO: it has absolutely no business being 150 minutes long, and you really do feel the length. Stop trying to convince me that super long movies are awesome when not one 140+ minute movie I’ve seen in recent memory has justified that length.



One Response to “Ford v Ferrari Review”

  1. Sam Simon September 8, 2019 at 4:14 am #

    A 2 hours and a half-long uninspired biopic? I think that you just convinced me not to go see it…

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