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Fargo “Morton’s Fork” Review (1×10)

18 Jun


Fargo is essentially a tale of good and evil and what happens when the two clash. It’s a simple story, but it’s an effective one, and Hawley and co. milk everything they can out of it as we close the door on this 10-episode run. It’s a finale not without its bumps, but it’s satisfying thematically and plot-wise, deftly delivering the closing chapter to the crazy ride we’ve been on over the last few months.

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Fargo “The Rooster Prince” Review (1×02)

23 Apr


“The Rooster Prince” maneuvers its characters around a chessboard, shading in certain nuances and expanding on new characters as we start to get a sense of Noah Hawley’s vision for the series. It’s a slower episode, but it’s certainly just as compelling and entertaining as it was last week.

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Fargo “The Crocodile’s Dilemma” Review (1×01)

16 Apr


“What if you’re right, and they’re wrong?”

Fargo was and will always be a classic, and it is a cinematic achievement rivaled by very few. To go into this limited series, we must be of the mindset that it is most definitely not the film and is most definitely not trying to be the film; rather, it draws from elements of the Coen brothers’ work and crafts a new world around them, all the while maintaining a constant foundation in the setting.

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