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Battlestar Galactica “Pegasus”/ “Resurrection Ship” Review (2×10/2×11/2×12)

2 Aug


ARC 4: Pegasus

Although there are plenty of other factors to take into play, the Pegasus is essentially what the Battlestar Galactica would be without Roslin. It’s not that Adama is Cain; rather, you would be looking at a military ship stripped of obligation to the political side of things, to the overarching goal of maintaining the well-being of its citizens, implementing a democracy, etc. Pegasus is led by means of a rigid, militaristic structure wherein that leader always has her sights set on destroying the enemy, and although the primary reaction to the Pegasus arrival is excitement and joy, it’s inevitable that the system under Admiral Cain will clash with that of the BSG.

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