It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia “The Gang Squashes Their Beefs” Review (9×10)

7 Nov

627-24It’s Always Sunny wraps up its ninth season with an enjoyable, but fairly average episode that brings back a multitude of guest stars: Gail the Snail, Bill Ponderosa, the McPoyles, etc. While the point of the episode is to pile on as much as they can to get the Gang to that final conclusion of “No, we do not want to squash our beefs”, the plot could’ve used a little work because the Gang is inherently funnier due to their own antics and beliefs. The others are a part of it, but this episode loses a bit with its main characters due to the guest stars.

Still, although the script itself is shaky, there are still some hilarious moments: Dennis considering giving away someone’s eye a better option than apologizing, Frank and Hwang swaying and staring daggers at each other, and Frank setting his rent money on fire. It’s not an episode for consistent laughter, but it’s enjoyable; I’m always a sucker for food fights, especially when flying hatchets and Nose Clams are involved.

The ending is once again pretty dark, coming full circle from that premiere. I wouldn’t put it past Dennis to leave them all in there to die, and it’s an ending that the show is able to pull off because honestly, the characters are pretty awful people. It’s nothing new, but it makes sense.



-This was a surprisingly great season. Not many shows make it to their ninth season, much less continue to be good at that point, so kudos to Sunny for crafting a great one. “The Gang Saves the Day” is easily the highlight for me.

-This episode runs 19:27. It’s the season finale; can’t we at least get 20 minutes? Jeez.

-“Well, Frank, once something’s in writing, that means it’s set in stone. Then no one can do anything to stop me.”

-“What?! GODDAMMIT!! Beef!! No, I got beef with that!”

-“I am not honking.”

-“I may have started a money fire.”

-“I hate people who are different than me. Why pretend?”

-I didn’t cover the season regularly, and I hope to do so next year for Sunny’s tenth and (presumably) final season. See you next year.

Credit to FXX and It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia for all pictures. I own nothing.

3 Responses to “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia “The Gang Squashes Their Beefs” Review (9×10)”

  1. omarid513 November 7, 2013 at 7:56 am #

    I was surprised not just by how fast this episode went, but the season as well. Not to say I didn’t enjoy it because this season was a lot of fun. I agree with IGN’s assessment that too many characters bogged it down, but I still laughed. I think my favorite moment may have been the gang taking Dennis’ squash the beef metaphor with wanting to wipe a slab clean, bury a hatchet and squash actual beef.

    • polarbears16 November 7, 2013 at 12:14 pm #

      Yup, this was a great season, especially given it was the ninth. I’m impressed.

      Yeah, forgot about that moment; that was fantastic. Anyway, thanks for commenting. I checked out your blog, and it’s great; Masters of Sex is one of my favorite shows of the year.

      • omarid513 November 8, 2013 at 9:45 pm #

        Thanks for that. Really enjoying Masters of Sex myself, too. But onto It’s Always Sunny- I enjoyed the season, but I was surprised by how fast it went. It felt like it just started, really, and now it’s already over.

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