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Saturday Night Live “Taraji P. Henson/Mumford & Sons” Live Blog and Review (40×18)

11 Apr


HILLARY CLINTON COLD OPEN: It’s nice to see Kate McKinnon’s Hillary Clinton impression again, and her changing facial expressions during that one bit are absolutely hilarious. Darrell Hammond shows up as Bill Clinton, and I hope this will be the sign of more to come; after all, SNL’s political sketches falter unless there’s a campaign going on. GRADE: B

COLD OPEN: This is not a very funny segment, and it’s the type of musical monologue that’s more dull than entertaining to watch. The other cast members get in a few solid lines, but this is easily forgettable. Anyway, one thing I want to see tonight, but most definitely won’t: a Person of Interest sketch. GRADE: C

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