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The Leftovers “It’s a Matt, Matt, Matt, Matt World” Review (3×05)

14 May

“Ta da. You’re saved.”

The Matt-centric episodes have been some of the best hours this series has produced thus far, and though I’m probably in the minority when I say that this one doesn’t resonate quite as much with me, it still features some top-notch scenes throughout. It’s a fascinating┬ásetup: Laurie and Matt going at it, two ways of thinking clashing amidst the strangeness of a lion orgy on a ferry from Tasmania to Melbourne. The episode mines a fair bit of humor from the scenario, and the show once again strikes a nice┬ábalance between sheer absurdity and profound character drama.

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The Leftovers “Two Boats and a Helicopter” Review (1×03)

13 Jul

The Leftovers - Episode 1.03 - Two Boats and a Helicopter - Promotional Photo

“My congregation: this morning, we prayed for her.”

“Well, she woke up last night.”

Perhaps no other scene better encapsulates Reverend Matt Jamison’s life right now. He’s a man trying to make sense of a seemingly meaningless┬álife–as the rest of the world is doing–and he’s someone doing so by placing everything in a religious context. Yet, with every twist of fate that befalls him, it seems as if the God he looks up to is leaving him behind in the dust.

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