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Community “Emotional Consequences of Broadcast Television” Review (6×13)

2 Jun


“One by one, they all just fade away…”

The Community study group contains some of the most endearing characters ever to grace a television (or computer) screen. They’re a tight bunch, a group of people who have forged connections and comforted each other through hard times and loved each other like they have never loved before. As we move into the final episode of season six, however, the main themes of the past few seasons are brought to the forefront: the difficulty of saying goodbye, the inevitability of change, people moving in and out of lives. In the end, staying together is something many people want to do, but the simple truth is that life may take you elsewhere. And that’s perfectly okay.

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NBC cancels “Community”, renews “Hannibal”, does a bunch of other stuff no one cares about.

9 May

2a4970c7079c4c22cc1e66dde77dea99 NBC, you are a wonderful network. Oh, the drama. Oh, the comedy. Oh, the singing competitions and football. And to have the gall to cancel Community after you’ve screwed it over countless times before? I commend you, you beautiful mishmash of broken dreams and awful decisions, you excellent schedule-makers that net you almost–almost!–1.0 ratings in the 18-49 demo. As we all know, 1.0 is two times 0.5, and double of anything is always good (See: The Voice).  Continue reading

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