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Community “Emotional Consequences of Broadcast Television” Review (6×13)

2 Jun


“One by one, they all just fade away…”

The Community study group contains some of the most endearing characters ever to grace a television (or computer) screen. They’re a tight bunch, a group of people who have forged connections and comforted each other through hard times and loved each other like they have never loved before. As we move into the final episode of season six, however, the main themes of the past few seasons are brought to the forefront: the difficulty of saying goodbye, the inevitability of change, people moving in and out of lives. In the end, staying together is something many people want to do, but the simple truth is that life may take you elsewhere. And that’s perfectly okay.

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Community “Wedding Videography” Review (6×12)

26 May


This is a bizarre episode that I wasn’t expecting to work as well as it did. There are several swing-and-a-miss moments throughout, but overall, it’s able to end up as a consistently funny half hour with some solid character moments. It’s a more intimate look at the group than we’ve had in recent memory, highlighting not only the endearing, entertaining side of these individuals, but also the darker side that can come out. As fun as they are to watch, Jeff, Britta, Annie, and the rest all have flaws, and some of those flaws can be attributed to the idea of the group itself.

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Community “Modern Espionage” Review (6×11)

19 May


Community‘s first two paintball episodes were comedy classics, episodes that brought both humor and poignant emotional beats as they paid homage to a considerable number of action movies. They were the show at its best, and although “Modern Espionage” doesn’t quite capture the magic of those two episodes–what can?–it’s still my favorite episode of the new season. It’s an entertaining ride from start to finish, and it still manages to stay fresh and fun.

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Community “Ladders”/ “Lawnmower Maintenance and Postnatal Care” Review (6×01/6×02)

17 Mar



As the new season of Community begins, all of our characters are yet again dealing with change: Shirley’s spinning off, a new consultant is hired to improve Greendale, and the show itself is moving from NBC to Yahoo. It’s not the show we loved at its peak, but it’s a fine return to form after a disappointing season four and a middling season five finale; in fact, the premiere itself is concerned with how exactly the show is going to deal with change, and as a result, it becomes a self-referential, thoroughly enjoyable ride that takes us back into the halls of Greendale. Welcome back, show.

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Community “Basic Sandwich” Review (5×13)

17 Apr


I’m sorry. The point is: this show, Annie, it isn’t just their show. This is our show. And it’s not over. And the sooner we find that treasure, the faster the Jeff/Britta pilot falls apart.”

This has always been a show about a community, as expected: a living, breathing group of friends whose school is an essential aspect of all their beings. “Basic Sandwich” emphasizes that fact nicely, serving as a sweet, funny ending to what is most likely the penultimate season of the show.

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Community “Advanced Advanced Dungeons and Dragons” Review (5×10)

20 Mar


“Advanced Dungeons and Dragons” was one of the all-time greatest Community episodes, showcasing the best the show had to offer and beautifully summing up what Community is about;  there’s just no use trying to rehash greatest hits, and thankfully, “Advanced Advanced Dungeons and Dragons” is able to maintain a sense of uniqueness as it delivers a flawed, yet entertaining, 21 minutes.

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Community “VCR Maintenance and Educational Publishing” Review (5×09)

13 Mar

Community - Season 5

When Vince Gilligan shows up as a cheesy, western VCR host, you know you’re in for something hilarious. Watching the four try to figure out the game is already funny, but when Annie and Abed really get into it, spinning and shooting and moving their way through the ridiculousness, you have comedy gold.

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Community “App Development and Condiments” Review (5×08)

6 Mar

5x08_Promo_Picture_(3)I give this episode 4.5 MeowMeowBeenz.

Community can still bring it with the concept episodes, and “App Development and Condiments” takes that concept and runs with it, crafting a wildly entertaining 22 minutes of television. This is just plain fun.

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Community “Bondage and Beta Male Sexuality” Review (5×07)

27 Feb

Community - Season 1


Community is fundamentally a comedy, but that comedy is rooted in a deeper understanding of our characters; yes, these people are attending a community college and all feel varying levels of unfulfillment. There’s a time in which they all have to stand back and take stock of who they are, and this episode explores that idea in depth.

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Community “Analysis of Cork-Based Networking” Review (5×06)

30 Jan

5X6_Promo_pic8We need a Wikipedia page for Fat Dog.

This is an incredibly entertaining episode of Community, and it’s nice to see the show get down to the basics again. Sure, it can pull off the big emotional moments and the concept episodes nicely, but sometimes, we just want to see good ‘ol Community.

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