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Steve Jobs Review

12 Oct

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The first act of Steve Jobs is an extremely entertaining half hour, with rapid-fire dialogue throwing us straight into the backstage flurry prior to Jobs’s 1984 Macintosh launch. It’s a great way to set up the movie’s tone and characters and conflicts, and its extremely kinetic nature brings Aaron Sorkin and Danny Boyle crashing together from the outset. Unlike with Fincher, however, the director takes a backseat to the writer here, and all of Sorkin’s precious babies–walking and talking, explaining, lack of time for breathing during dialogue–are at the forefront. That’s not a bad thing for the first act, however, which is definitely the tightest and most propulsive of the three. There’s a ton of energy here, and the movie’s setup and backstage settings are reminiscent of Birdman (whether that’s a good or bad thing is your call).

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