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Mr. Robot “eps2.7_init_5.fve” Review (2×09)

31 Aug


“Normal. I have no normal.”

It’s interesting that Mr. Robot spends so much time discussing the idea of control, especially considering it seems to be losing control of its own narrative a bit. It’s relying more on “gotcha” reveals and moments than on creating compelling drama, and it seems like the high-brow approach took in season one is crashing down to Earth now. Case in point: the unnecessary double cliffhanger that closes out the episode. I don’t mind a little playing with the audience’s expectations, but as I said last week, the pretension of something like Hannibal worked better than the pretension of this show does. This season is inconsistent, to put it simply. At one point, it’s the most compelling show on television. At another, it’s dull and eye-roll worthy.

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