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Dexter “Goodbye Miami” Review (8×10)

9 Sep


“Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Owwww!”

This is both Harrison Morgan and myself reacting to the events that have transpired in this tenth (TENTH!) episode of the final season of Dexter. I am being hit over the head so much it hurts. I can’t even fathom how the writers think this is what a final season constitutes.

This episode is mostly talk, which would be fine, except almost every single conversation is handled like it’s the most boring thing in the world. Where’s the urgency? Where are the consequences? Where’s the tension? A supposedly huge event like Vogel’s death should reverberate across the whole fabric of the show, but here, it just winds up feeling cheap and tacky. Frankly, I’m disappointed with the way they have handled her character this season. She was introduced to delve deeper into Dexter’s past and his mental psyche, but she leaves without really lending herself to any character development on Dexter’s part.

In fact, his motivations are extremely muddled all throughout. I get that he wants to make a better life for himself, but why exactly does he still need to kill Saxon? Why does he still need to stay to protect Vogel? Him staying only hurts her. If he had left, Saxon most likely wouldn’t have killed his mom, and everything would be fine and dandy. But no, the writers have to contrive an excuse for Dexter to remain in Miami for a couple more episodes. I get that he has a compulsion to kill and all, but this whole Brain Surgeon situation is not something that should be expanded upon so late in the series. I like the relationship between Vogel and Saxon, but the acting doesn’t take us far enough into it.

Also, where does Hannah fit into all this? Dexter’s about to move to Argentina because of her, and we don’t see much more of their relationship than sex and vague conversations. If you think about it, we haven’t really learned much about the character of Dexter Morgan throughout this whole series, so any relationship he has winds up being pushed off to the side. The strongest relationship is (was) Dexter-Deb, but now Deb is off on her own, making out with Quinn this week. I do, however, like the conversation between her and Dexter in which she tells him that she’s miss him. It evokes feelings of nostalgia, eh? It reminds me of a time…a time in which this relationship was actually genuine and compelling.


We also have Curtis Lemansky (I know that’s not his name here, but I can’t help it) continuing to investigate everything, Quinn breaking up with Jamie, Harrison falling on a treadmill, and other stuff we really don’t care much about. Perhaps Isaac can return next week and kill everyone.

Grade: C-

Other thoughts:

-Harrison falling down is the most hilarious thing ever. I’m sorry, but it’s true.

-“Harrison, I wanna hear all about what you’ve done these past eight months.” …uh, being annoying and playing with puzzles?

-Right, Hannah. Walk into a hospital and use Harrison’s real name…you know, the one with the last name of a serial killer that you know a federal marshal’s looking for….smart as always!

-Masuka’s daughter likes to smoke pot.

-“See Astor and Cody one last time” is on Dexter’s list. My, he knows they exist!

-Rampling does the best with what she has, and I like the contrast in demeanors from the beginning and the end of the season.

-Seriously, Dexter, Saxon wants to be you. Let Vogel deal with him. Go to Argentina already. Jeez.

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Dexter “Make Your Own Kind of Music” Review (8×08)

27 Aug




……….she’s my mom!”

What irritates me the most about this final season is that there are absolutely no stakes. The introduction of Evelyn Vogel seems intriguing on the surface, but when you look closer, you realize that the writers have put absolutely no thought into her character. Take this episode, for example. Vogel’s never seen her son’s body, her son used to leave her stuff just like the Brain Surgeon does (HINT HINT!), and oh, her son’s also a psychopath. I think most people would put two and two together, and not get five.

It’s not just her character, though. The writers have zero interest in creating a compelling world around the titular character, and not even an actor like Michael C. Hall can hold this show up for long. Even Deb, that one supposed thorn in Dexter’s side, is off screwing around with Quinn and Elway and whatnot. I mean, like, did the whole attempted drowning scenario just vanish off the face of the Earth? Jennifer Carpenter’s a more than capable actress, writers. Just look at the first few episodes of the season.

Anyway, in this episode, we had the whole Oliver Saxon plot, one in which I was constantly shaking my head in confusion and laughing my head off. Why is this even important? I don’t really care who he killed or that he’s Vogel’s son. Oh, and the way Dexter conveniently finds the dude is hilarious. Zach, in his “cutting my head open”-defying ways, is able to somehow leave some evidence that Dexter finds, who then magically throws it into his crazy computer-megatron face scanner, and voilĂ ! It’s Ryan Gosling!

This season has been really terrible about introducing new characters, then focusing on them more than the supposed main characters. We’re in a final season, folks. Are the writers setting up a Harrison-Saxon showdown or something? That would actually be hilarious. Speaking of, I really don’t get why we have to be constantly barraged with the whole “LET’S MOVE TO ARGENTINA, BABY!” stuff, as it’s becoming increasingly obvious that that won’t happen. This Hannah-Dexter relationship is getting tiresome, the actors have no chemistry, and the writers are staring straight ahead, focusing solely on Dexter. In eight years, he’s been constantly elevated above the rest of the cast, facing absolutely NO consequences in which he’s been blamed (does he even care about Rita now?). That was fine for a while, but once again, FINAL SEASON=ENDGAME.


I appreciate the fact that the episode was trying to bring everything together to set the wheels in motion for the endgame. However, the endgame was introduced a few seasons ago, then took a break, and is now suddenly being re-introduced in the final 3 episodes of the season. I liked the way the season started off, but it’s taken several turns for the worst. Dexter should be exploring the moral complexities of its titular character, delving into his relationships with and influence on the people around him. He should be facing consequences for his actions, either through legal action or conflict within his family. Instead, we get Harrison and his pancakes.

Grade: C

Other Thoughts:

-Kenny Johnson’s amazing, but he’s introduced here as yet another idiot cop. Yeah, a blood spatter analyst makes enough to buy houses for random people.

-Yvonne Strahovski wore a pink dress.

-Masuka’s daughter? Yeah, I don’t know what she’s doing here, either.

-Deb lets Hannah stay with her and eats her food because why?

-What about the Maria LaGuerta Memorial Bench? No one’s sitting on it!

Credit to Showtime and Dexter for all pictures. I own nothing.

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