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Louie “Elevator Part 6″/ “Pamela Part 1” Review (4×09/4×10)

3 Jun


The “Elevator” series is a brilliantly crafted six-episode arc about ideas of loneliness, love, disappointment, and the Miami Heat perishing in Hurricane Jasmine Forsythe, and it concludes with an emotional and beautifully directed episode that transitions into the final arc of the season.

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Louie “Back”/”Model” Review (4×01/4×02)

6 May


“Lots of stuff happens after you die. It’s just that none of it includes you.”

Louie has always been a simultaneously hilarious and a bit depressing, portraying a man pretty much just living his life, performing sets at the Comedy Cellar and taking care of his daughters and dealing with his myriad problems. In the fourth season premiere, it’s all about age, and from the show’s simplicity comes some rich, compelling television.

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