Louie “Elevator Part 6″/ “Pamela Part 1” Review (4×09/4×10)

3 Jun


The “Elevator” series is a brilliantly crafted six-episode arc about ideas of loneliness, love, disappointment, and the Miami Heat perishing in Hurricane Jasmine Forsythe, and it concludes with an emotional and beautifully directed episode that transitions into the final arc of the season.

The first few minutes of “Elevator Part 6” reflect the fact that Louie and Amia are on very different wavelengths; language has always been the main barrier, but the camera emphasizes the emotional distance between them, the frustration that later crumbles into a screaming match when Louie asks Evanka to translate for him. It’s certainly an ugly situation, and it’s difficult; Louie doesn’t want to lose her because he knows exactly what will happen to him if he does, and Amia doesn’t want to get too attached because she knows she’s leaving for Hungary.

However, as much as this arc has emphasized their differences, “Elevator Part 6” acknowledges the time they’ve spent together, all the laughs and the warm feelings and the intimacy. Their relationship is summed up beautifully in that final scene in the restaurant, a profound moment played perfectly by CK, Balint, and the actor playing the waiter. It does no good to destroy yourself over what you presume to be missed opportunities, because you first have to realize what you’ve already had. This is what Louie and Amia do here, and as Dr. Bigelow later tells Louie, missing the other person is true love; when you forget about that person is when there’s a problem.

It’s really great advice, but interestingly enough, Louie’s drawn right back to Pamela after Amia leaves. It’s sad, but understandable, and it seems as if throughout the episode, he’s trying to recreate what he had with Amia; it’s especially evident in the scene in which he tries to get Pamela to kiss him. How fitting is it that this scene comes after his extended stand-up sequence about the concept of feminism, about topics that apply to his very situation.

As we move into the final few episodes of the season, Louie now turns his eyes to Pamela, but he’ll continue to swim in the waters of the past, trying to find his way back into the eye of the hurricane.

GRADES: “Elevator Part 6” (A-), “Pamela Part 1” (B)


– “Officials say they died because the fire was too hot for their bodies.” These fake news broadcasts are my everything.

-I don’t want to get into a rape debate here, but when you do the things Louie does in this episode, that’s attempted rape in my book. I trust CK and believe he knows what he’s attempting to convey with that scene, but to suggest it’s not attempted rape–as I’ve seen some people write–is a bit ignorant.

-Some really great long takes at the beginning of “Elevator Part 6”, and the whole hurricane sequence is magnificent. It’s suspenseful, darkly hilarious (“I’m looking for a dog”), and perfectly shot.

-These two episodes don’t work nearly quite as well together as previous pairings have, but I do recognize that the choppiness of it all seems to reflect Louie’s state of mind.

-Louie did this stand-up segment on Saturday Night Live a few months back.

-Only two weeks left. Wow, this went by quickly.

Photo credit: FX, Louie

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