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Rectify “Hoorah” Review (3×01)

9 Jul


“He still has to live his life.”

“So do we all. Hoorah.”

Early on in the season three premiere, Senator Foulkes states that “life is always perilous…that’s what gives it spice”. Rectify understands that life is full of uncertainty, that just one event can cause a ripple effect amongst a community and can upend everything in one’s life. Whether it’s with regards to Daniel being released or Daniel confessing, each and every character is affected in some way, growing and changing and hurting and loving as genuine human beings. It’s what makes this show so special: it treats the myriad experiences and people that make up life with immense respect.

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Rectify “Unhinged” Review (2×10)

21 Aug


Finales are supposed to provide endings. Court cases are supposed to go one way or the other. When we leave, we’re supposed to start a new life and close off our old one. However, life simply doesn’t work like that; it’s a constant barrage of revolving doors, of perceived endings and desired outcomes backfiring on you. It’s not to say that you should have a cynical worldview, but rather that you shouldn’t be surprised when an outlined resolution of yours ends up holding no weight. This is what happens to the characters in “Unhinged”, the season’s moving finale about the difficulty of moving forward.

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