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Justified “The Promise” Review (6×13)

15 Apr


“We dug coal together.”

Nowadays, we expect our drama series to end with characters going out in a blaze of glory, with antiheroes falling off their thrones and finally meeting their inevitable fates. We expect people to pay for all the bad things they’ve done throughout a series, and we expect the house of cards to come crumbling down at the end. Now, there are certainly shows that did this well–e.g. my pick for the best series finale of all time, The Shield‘s “Family Meeting”–but sometimes, what we need is to be entertained and satisfied. By striving for a grand, complex gesture, Justified might’ve overlooked exactly what made the show special, so thankfully, the writers recognize what the best way to end the series is. And man, it is a beautiful, rewarding, and plain brilliant way to conclude a fantastic six years.

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Justified “Collateral” Review (6×12)

8 Apr


“I don’t suppose you’d believe me if I said ‘no’.”

Raylan Givens is no longer tied to the law. When he turned in his gun and badge last week, he became his own outlaw of sorts, a man who’s simply out to take down Boyd Crowder, a man who doesn’t need to hide behind a badge. As I’m sure we’ve all noticed, though, this was a long time coming, as Raylan’s always been the type of guy who constantly steps outside the confines of the law in order to get what he wants. He’s been getting closer and closer to the type of man Boyd Crowder is, and it’s now up in the air whether he’ll really leave Harlan alive.

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Justified “Fugitive Number One” Review (6×11)

1 Apr


“All this is on you.”

Justified has been exploring the idea of loyalty recently by delving into various relationships between characters, relationships that may not be quite as stable or strong as they seem on the surface. After all, last week’s episode ended with Ava–someone Boyd thought he could trust–shooting her former lover and escaping with $10 million, and it was an act that immediately brought the idea of betrayal into the mix (if it wasn’t there already). In “Fugitive Number One”, we see these thematic ideas at the forefront, and they serve to ramp up the tension as we move into the final two episodes of the series.

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Justified “Trust” Review (6×10)

24 Mar


“I gave you what you always wanted, Raylan: Boyd Crowder bleeding out at your feet.”

This is getting good. As we move into the homestretch of Justified‘s brilliant final season, it’s becoming clear that love and alliances are coming secondary to survival instinct. Relationships are coming undone, trust is being broken, and people are splitting off in order to accomplish whatever goals they want to accomplish. No more do we see the idea of running off into the sunset with the person you love; now, it’s all about the nitty gritty, all about who’s left standing when the smoke clears.

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Justified “Burned” Review (6×09)

17 Mar


Justified is nearing its end, and everyone’s jostling for a piece of the pie. Deals are being made, plans are being put into place, and some people are getting ready to leave Harlan behind. All that stands between them and an open road? Each other. It’s a tricky situation that’s getting tricker by the minute, and it’s clear that these characters aren’t just going to sit back and let others take control; they are going to do what they have to do to survive, to maintain some semblance of control over their surroundings, and it sure is damn exciting to watch.

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Justified “Dark As a Dungeon” Review (6×08)

10 Mar


“I gotta admit: there’s a small part of me that’s gonna miss this when it’s all over.” 

“Hey now, don’t eulogize the past ’till the future gets its turn.”

“Dark As a Dungeon” is my favorite episode thus far of an already fantastic final season. It features crackling dialogue, intriguing character moments, and a really well done exploration of the past vs. the present, and it sets into motion the final arc of the series: not just Raylan vs. Boyd, but also Raylan and Boyd vs. Harlan. After all, the setting is paramount in a series like this, a series with characters who are frequently haunted by the ghosts of the past and are constantly drawn to Harlan County. As we move into the final five episodes of the series, the major question becomes whether or not they’ll get out of Harlan alive.

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Justified “The Hunt” Review (6×07)

4 Mar


“You can be with me and still be you.”

In a show that hinges upon relationships and in an episode that brings those dynamics to the forefront, it makes perfect sense that loyalty would be a major factor of “The Hunt”. As things in Harlan County come to a close, people need to choose where they will land in the future, and oftentimes, that final landing spot relates to the relationships they’ve forged over the years. As much as you may want to distance yourself from the past, it’ll always come back to affect the future in some way, and that’s exactly what these characters are facing as the series comes to a close.

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Justified “Alive Day” Review (6×06)

25 Feb


I haven’t brought out my “bullet point reviews” in quite some time, but I’ll do it for this episode because I’m a day late. Apologies; yesterday, I had my hands full with the Parks and Recreation series finale and Person of Interest, but as promised, I will be providing my thoughts on every episode of this final season of Justified. Here we go…

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Justified “Sounding” Review (6×05)

17 Feb


“I’m finishing the job, what you and me started together.”

The final season of Justified is continually returning to its deep well of a past, digging into a rich history filled with intriguing characters and standoffs and storylines as it brings our characters’ stories to their ends. “Sounding” isn’t a particularly eventful episode, but it weaves in quite a few familiar faces as it continues to explore Ava’s psyche in the face of impending danger. It’s funny and entertaining, and it features characters who have to face off against each other in one way or another, who have to engage in a push and pull that’s bound to tip a certain way at some point.

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Justified “The Trash and the Snake” Review (6×04)

10 Feb


“I’m telling you not to get your ass bit.”

I’m not sure there’s a show on air right now that is better at building up tension just by sitting characters down in a room and letting them talk. “The Trash and the Snake” is full of those moments, whether it be the marvelous Raylan-Ty-Avery-Tim-Loretta scene or the Katherine-Ava exchanges or even the Boyd-Ava talks. This final season of Justified is allowing the tension to simmer, to progressively build up until what will presumably be its explosive conclusion, and it’s on a roll right now as a result. At the same time, the show also doesn’t lose its comedic sensibilities, and it creates a delicate balancing act that is rarely matched on television.

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