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Friday Night Lights Season 1, Episodes 8-10 Review

6 Feb



The episode does a nice job of bringing Billy and Tim’s relationship to the forefront, shading in some more backstory and giving us a brawl at the end. What this is is a relationship that’s been simultaneously torn apart and strengthened by their parents, and Tim has been able to avoid coping with the reality of his parents leaving; it’s really emblematic of his character, the guy who avoids his problems and isn’t exactly appreciative of everything he does have. The entire episode consists of Billy and Tim trying to convince themselves that they have a beef with the other person, and it’s tough to watch the brawl. However, we also get a nice moment at the end, showing us that even amidst all the problems and the conflict, the two will be there for each other.

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Friday Night Lights Season 1, Episodes 3-7 Review

10 Dec

L_FridayNightLights_S1_ep3-1A loss in a town like Dillon is pretty much the worst thing that’s ever happened to mankind, isn’t it? After the Panthers drop the second game of the season, Dillon becomes a living Hell, one in which people have the audacity to insult a teenage girl due to the fact that, what, her father ruined their livelihoods or something? There’s a sense of entitlement that permeates the town, whether it be after this game, during the Reyes situation, or when Lucas Mize shows up expecting adoration and a job, and it makes me inclined to slug some of these people. While I can see the motivations behind many of them, it doesn’t excuse their actions.

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Friday Night Lights “The Giving Tree” Review (3×10)

26 Oct

FNL01“Money comes and goes. These kids of ours? That’s a one time deal.”

Every parent deals with his or her kids differently. Yet, it doesn’t work out all the time; sometimes you screw up so badly that it mars that relationship forever. Take Buddy Garrity, for example. Sure, no parent is obligated to pay their kid’s college fund, but when your kid is promised one and has worked with the assumption of a future, to throw it all away is an incredibly dickish move. It’s sad seeing how far Buddy has fallen; he’s lost so much, and all he has left is Panther football. It’s also disappointing, seeing as the shit that’s befallen him recently helped augment his appreciation for Lyla; he’s a guy that wants to get his way, and here’s an example of him trying to solve everything in one fell swoop. It’s reckless and selfish, and I feel for Lyla. Kelly and Leland are both fantastic at illustrating the dynamics of that relationship.

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