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Friday Night Lights Season 1, Episodes 3-7 Review

10 Dec

L_FridayNightLights_S1_ep3-1A loss in a town like Dillon is pretty much the worst thing that’s ever happened to mankind, isn’t it? After the Panthers drop the second game of the season, Dillon becomes a living Hell, one in which people have the audacity to insult a teenage girl due to the fact that, what, her father ruined their livelihoods or something? There’s a sense of entitlement that permeates the town, whether it be after this game, during the Reyes situation, or when Lucas Mize shows up expecting adoration and a job, and it makes me inclined to slug some of these people. While I can see the motivations behind many of them, it doesn’t excuse their actions.

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Friday Night Lights “Game of the Week” Review (3×09)

22 Oct


When the spotlight is on you and the pressure is mounting, sometimes that’s when everything becomes clear; all you can focus on is that one game, that one relationship, that one future, that one family. And so it goes in Dillon.

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