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Nikita “Canceled” Live Blog/Review (4×06)

27 Dec

Screen shot 2013-12-27 at 6.30.42 PMAll times central. I’m excited for this.

8:01-How fitting that the final episode of the series opens with a Nikita-Amanda origin scene.

8:03-…which is immediately followed by Alex and Nikita teaming up for a badass take down of Jones; man, am I glad we get to see this dynamic again.

8:04-To be honest, I’m not all too surprised they eliminated Jones this early; it’s the safe way out, and it’s understandable that the show would want to focus on Nikita and Amanda’s relationship. Still, I do think the Jones-Nikita dynamic would’ve been interesting to explore a bit more; Jones is emotionally distant, essentially a robot who isn’t compromised by personal connections. He’s even more callous than, say, Roan, and if this was a longer season, I know we would’ve seen more.

8:07-“Now, she could destroy…the world.” Dun dun dun.

8:10-So, here we see the resurgence of former relationships; Michael’s always been the one wary of Nikita’s power, and it’s now his job to stop her. Amanda’s always wanted to harness Nikita’s power, and now she’s being encompassed by both her former protege and her current associations.

8:14-The tennis ball-smoke grenade sequence was pretty cool.

8:16-We also got a nice Nikita-Alex scene earlier. Nikita acknowledges the impact Alex has had on her–and vice versa–but they don’t get overly sentimental or emotional; they’re, first and foremost, two women on a job.

8:22-“Amanda wants you to do her dirty work for her.” We’re back to the fundamental aspect of their relationship, coming full circle from Division times.

8:26-One last desperation call by Michael. Both people are still clinging onto some sliver of hope, reaching out for anything from the person they once knew. That’s really the mark of the entire series; there are some truly desperate people here fighting to stay alive.

8:29-“What do you care? There’s no profit in it for you!”

8:30-“It’s about your heart.” Groan.

8:31-True, Nikita’s mind is the clearest it’s ever been, but it’s simultaneously the most muddled. She has a clear purpose, but that purpose has brought her to the precipice of her emotional stability. She’s now willing to murder to get what she wants, and Fonseca does great work with her reaction to Nikita shoving the poison down the guy’s throat.

8:35-It hurts to see Nikita and Alex fighting each other. It’s also awesome.

8:40-Okay, so Amanda being all powerful like this is a bit too easy, but I’ll forgive this plot point for now.

8:47-Well, the tables have turned now, haven’t they? I feel duped, but pleasantly so. Deception>brute force, indeed.

8:52-“Welcome back to the basement, Helen.” Also, a nice callback to the early title cards and Nikita’s “The last word they’ll breathe before the end will be my name.” It’s fitting for Amanda to end up like this, powerless in a basement; it’s much more damning than death, and while I do feel a little cheated by the whole plan, it does illustrate Nikita’s growth as a person; Amanda’s always hated Nikita because of their similar situations, but what sets them apart is Nikita’s ability to change. Also, good work, show, for making me believe that she’d gone off the deep end.

8:54-Jesus, a commercial break now?

9:00-Well, it’s certainly a satisfying end; I like the shot of Ryan here, the person who both helped motivate her in the end and helped keep her tethered to reality. I’ll miss you, Nikita. Final thoughts to come in a few minutes.




FINAL THOUGHTS: Well, this is it. The last four years have been absolutely amazing, and the final episode wraps everything up very nicely. First of all, the show does great work playing with the viewers’ notions of who exactly Nikita is now; it’s entirely believable that Ryan’s death would motivate her to kill, but it’s also just as believable that the family she’s known for years–really known–would pull her back. I’ll admit to feeling a bit cheated at the end, but there’s some great poetry at play here; Nikita’s no longer the snarling, wild animal she was back in that flashback. She’s grown as a woman, a lover, and a sister, and although I do not like some of the decisions she’s made, it’s nice to see her win without losing hold of who she is; she’s not a hero, but she doesn’t have to be one. She still mentions that she wanted to kill Amanda, and you know what? I would’ve been totally fine with it; Amanda deserves it. However, kudos to the writers for sticking to who Nikita was at the beginning of the series and having her be more successful, both physically and mentally, than Amanda is.

So, although I lament the lack of Sonya (and a Percy cameo! Argh!), I do believe this is a thoroughly satisfying series finale; even Sam/Owen and Alex’s relationship doesn’t evolve into anything more than a flirty, grudging friendship, and that’s how it should remain.

Michael and Nikita, meanwhile, are off on on a beach, but Nikita realizes she can’t let go of her past. It’s a nice coda to this series’ themes, and at heart, Nikita’s both the same and different person. She’s been able to turn off the dark side of her, but she’s also down for some more ass-kicking.

Goodbye, Nikita. You were always better than your ratings suggested. A final round of applause for one of the most underrated, exciting, and endearing action series ever created. I salute Craig Silverstein, Maggie Q, and all the rest. Thank you, and thank you to all the readers; I’ll miss covering this show.

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Nikita “Pay-Off” Live Blog/Review (4×04)

13 Dec

MV5BMTk3MTE2Njg0MV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwMDY3NDc2MDE@._V1_SX640_SY720_All times central.

8:05-Yeah Alex, reject Owen/Sam, please. I like the sassiness; you don’t need him.

8:06-The Amanda-Nikita relationship is paving the way for tensions in both teams: The Shop doesn’t want Amanda’s personal connections harming their plans, and Nikita’s team has been pulled to the brink many times before, all due to Nikita’s rash decisions.

8:08-Yeah, that’s not going to work. Nikita’s not someone who can be bought off; in fact, I’d say she craves the thrills of her current life to an extent. She may lament the detrimental effects of her actions on both her and her team, but that doesn’t stop her. A tropical island free from danger may be a temporary escape, but she’s always going to be drawn back into a life as a spy.

8:11-I’m liking all the Percy references; next up, a Xander Berkeley cameo needs to happen.

8:12-It’s Ramon! To be honest with you, I barely remember who he is.

8:14-“He’s an idealist who lost his way.” Sound like someone we know?

8:17-So we have missiles and everything. I don’t know how to feel about this; should we have more of a personal story or a big conspiracy?

8:22-Although it’s a bit out of nowhere, I do like the conversation about Alex and OwenSam’s former lovers. I’m not as invested in OS as I am for most other characters, but there’s no denying that these two crazy kids have a reasonable emotional connection to explore. Again, though, I stress: no romance!

8:25-In fact, with the reintroduction of Ramon, this episode seems to be exploring the concepts of the past, regret, and lost opportunities.

8:28-It’s always nice to see Nikita dispatching some baddies.

8:30-“You’re better at following orders.” Yup, spot on. Still, I do think Michael’s starting to move past that phase; we saw it earlier when he permanently ended his relationship with Nikita; he seems surprised here, though, with the fact that Ramon reads him this well.

8:35-Oh, okay, so OS is up to something.

8:44-This is probably the 5,674th time Sam’s emphasized his name change.

8:45-So, is Ramon’s purpose just to get Michael to reaffirm his love for Nikita? I get the sentiments, but that kind of cheapens the recent progression of his character. Ramon makes good points when he scolds Michael, but Nikita has hurt this relationship just as much as Michael has.

8:46-“Where are you not allowed to go?”

8:48-Well, Amanda’s gone off the deep end. I’m not surprised, considering she’s had to play second fiddle to Jones all this time; she may use others for personal gain, but at the end of the day, it has to be all about her.

8:50-“Did you really think either of us was going to win?” Man, am I glad to see Maggie Q and Melinda Clarke back together. Anyway, this is a fundamental truth behind this dynamic; when two similar people clash, that conflict may be in a perpetual static state. Nikita still tries to reason with her here, but this time, it won’t work.

8:53-That’s a pretty terrible looking CGI explosion.

8:58-“She so desperately wants it to.” Right on again, Jones. Well, I knew I shouldn’t have underestimated Amanda. At the end of the day, she knows Nikita best, and she know how to manipulate her. What makes Jones, on the other hand, so dangerous is the detachment from those around him, something that’s been both helpful and detrimental to Nikita. Still, I feel like Jones and Amanda are a bit too confident, and I feel like Nikita’s a bit too naive here, so much so that this feels too much like a complete reset.

9:00-Well, Mikita is back. I guess I’m not too surprised.

9:01-Preview for next week looks awesome. Thank God, Nikita and Alex are going to be in the same place.


FINAL THOUGHTS: The episode explores ideas of responsibility and the prices we pay for our actions, whether it be through our past catching up on us or the desire to escape, to be bought off. Some of the ideas here don’t quite work–Ramon returns, but doesn’t do much–but the episode ultimately ends nicely. It’s an exciting final 15 minutes that sees the return of Nikita-Amanda, and I’m so glad to see us focusing on the personal relationships now rather than a global conspiracy. As much as I like Alex, she needs to return soon–it looks like she will–because we’re at the final endgame. Only 2 left. I’m excited.

-The Birkhoff/Peller reunion is well handled, as well as the President rescue.

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