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Nathan For You “Toy Company/Movie Theatre” Review (2×08)

20 Aug

640While you’re in front of the camera, you tend to want to put on a show, but the brilliance of Nathan Fielder is his ability to turn that ‘show’ into a genuine look at human nature, one that’s awkward without being intrusive and funny without being mean. At certain points, the situations go a bit too far–that one girl tonight is on the verge of tears–but at the end of it all, he always pulls back and allows things to progress on their own. That’s where the comedy comes from.

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Nathan For You “Taxi Service/Hot Dog Stand” Review (2×07)

13 Aug


“I’m not weird. I’m normal.”

There’s a common thread that constantly pops up in episodes of Nathan For You: the fact that while it’s all ostensibly about the business plan, the character Fielder’s crafted may perhaps be the driving force behind his actions. For, a lot of time is spent attempting to make not only the business better, but also the person in charge of that business better; Fielder the character is out to impart both his business and moral expertise to the people he comes across in his field of work, and in doing so, we see that he has to constantly defend his own normalcy and his own character.

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Nathan For You “Dumb Starbucks” Review (2×05)

30 Jul


“It was cool that people could draw their own meaning from a business that was just there to make money.”

For the first time, we know where an episode of Nathan For You is heading; Dumb Starbucks was hyped up in the media a while back, and we’ve followed the rise and fall of this lovely little store already. However, even with our prior knowledge of the situation, Fielder still manages to surprise us at every turn, delivering a hilarious 22 minutes of television that is among the best I’ve ever seen.

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Nathan For You “Liquor Store/Exterminator/Car Wash” Review (2×04)

23 Jul


“You’ve done this before. You’re a business major. What’s the worst that could happen?”

Perhaps no other line better sums up Nathan For You than this one. Every week, it’s hilarious watching each person go along with whatever crazy plan “Very Good Grades” Fielder’s concocted, trusting his “expertise” as he slowly crafts whatever situation he wants to craft. In “Liquor Store/Exterminator/Car Wash”, we see someone who simply does whatever Nathan asks; as much as people usually believe at first, they’re later skeptical, but this man listens and implements without question.

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Nathan For You “Pet Store/Maid Service” Review (2×03)

16 Jul


“There’s nothing wrong with being a fucking nerd.”

Nathan Fielder’s deadpan is a thing of beauty. The mock seriousness he brings to every interaction is one of the main reasons for the awkward tension that results and the genuine reactions that slip out, and in “Pet Store/Maid Service”, we continue to see that technique being utilized. However, there are two stand out moments–or sequence of moments–that portray a Nathan Fielder we haven’t really seen before.

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Nathan For You “Souvenir Shop/ELAIFF” Review (2×02)

8 Jul


Nathan For You isn’t built on lies borne out of malice, but rather awkward situations that have their foundations in some form of deception. These aren’t real situations, but they elicit very real reactions, and that’s the beauty of watching this show unfold. In “Souvenir Shop/ELAIFF”, Fielder continually builds upon one specific idea, and what we’re left with is a truly hilarious half hour of television.

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