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Orange Is the New Black “We Have Manners. We’re Polite.” Review (2×13)

5 Jul

"Orange is the New Black" Season 2 Episode 13 (Screengrab)

“Always so rude, that one.”

How fitting is it that in an episode titled “We Have Manners. We’re Polite.”, the final line of the season is the one mentioned above? Suzanne, a product of Vee’s manipulation, recites that line after going down for Vee, and Vee eventually gets run over because she goes against it. Ah, the satisfaction. Simply put, she doesn’t mesh with the rest of the prisoners–and “rude” is an understatement, by the way–which is interesting considering 1) Out of all our characters, she’s the one who most belongs in prison, and 2) For a time, she seemed like the one who fit in the most.

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Orange Is the New Black “It Was the Change” Review (2×12)

29 Jun

"Orange is the New Black" Season 2 Episode 12 (Screengrab)

Some people simply belong in prison. It’s been established that Vee’s a heartless and conniving woman, but this week’s flashbacks ramp it up to a whole new level, turning our hatred of her into a flaming ball of ‘willingness to push her off a cliff’; you see, she not only seduced RJ–the guy who was shot at the end of Taystee’s flashback episode–but she also had him killed when she found out he was going solo and competing with her business in her area.

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Orange Is the New Black “Take a Break from Your Values” Review (2×11)

27 Jun


The prison system is supposed to be about both punishment and rehabilitation, but in reality, those goals can sometimes get lost in a wave of corruption, of facades, of weak attempts to move forward and change things for the better. When people are incarcerated, they oftentimes become people they’re not, and in order to keep up with everyone else, they have to assert themselves, changing how they’d normally act.

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Orange Is the New Black “40 OZ of Furlough” Review (2×09)

21 Jun


Relationships can dissolve at any time, and sometimes, what you thought was a connection turns out to be merely a manipulation, a way to grasp hold of your feelings and eventually dig a knife right in. We see that in abundance in “40 OZ of Furlough”, a simultaneously hilarious and thoughtful episode that puts the wheels into motion for the season’s endgame.

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Orange Is the New Black “Appropriately Sized Pots” Review (2×08)

19 Jun

orange-is-the-new-black-30_612x380“Nobody gives a shit about old ladies. We remind everybody they’re going to die.”

One of the recent major focal points of the season has been the elderly and the places they occupy in the prison society. The sad truth is that they simply don’t occupy much of a place, as we saw in the season’s coldest moment in “Comic Sans”, and they’ll continue to be marginalized by the prison system in general.

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Orange Is the New Black “Comic Sans” Review (2×07)

17 Jun

Black-Cindy“Do I lay awake fantasizing about personally taking down an institution that is the single greatest stain on the American collective conscience since slavery, with the awesome power of my words? Sure. But in the daytime, I’ve accepted that’s not going to happen.”

In society–but especially in an institution such as prison–there are “grasshoppers” and “ants”, the former stuck in the mud of today and the latter acknowledging the idea of a future. “Comic Sans” portrays these two types of people and their fates as the power grapple in Litchfield progresses.

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Orange Is the New Black “You Also Have A Pizza” Review (2×06)

14 Jun


It’s hard to define ‘love’, as the inmates attempt to do, but one thing’s for certain: on Valentine’s Day, everyone is searching for that elusive feeling, trying to find some form of connection; it doesn’t always end well, though, and what we oftentimes get is heartbreak and disappointment.

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Orange Is the New Black “Low Self Esteem City” Review (2×05)

12 Jun

oitnb-gloria-veeAs the race war in Litchfield progresses, the feud becomes not only about the individual women and the conflicts between them, but also about the various races as a whole. Issues of incarceration, privilege, and even hypertension are brought up at different points throughout the episode, and the inmates are very well aware of class and race issues that are ever present in both the prison culture and the world in general.

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Orange Is the New Black “A Whole Other Hole” Review (2×04)

10 Jun


Lorna Morello has always been one of the more sympathetic characters in this show: a bit obsessive, yes, but then again, it’s completely understandable that she would need to cling onto something in order to make it through the day. However, this episode takes her situation to a whole new level, shading in a very disturbing side to her character.

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Orange Is the New Black “Hugs Can Be Deceiving” Review (2×03)

9 Jun


“Sometimes people just don’t want to play with you.”

Connecting with others can be difficult, but it’s what many people have to do to get through the day; it’s especially relevant for prison, where the environment is harsh and the people can be unforgiving. So, when Vee walks in and starts handing out cake, it understandably brings out a sense of camaraderie amongst the inmates in that moment.

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