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The Walking Dead “Internment” Live Blog/Review (4×05)

10 Nov

walking-dead-internment-hershel-walkerSo I’m trying something different today. All times central.

8:06-So it seems as if Hershel’s coming into the “Carol” role now: actually making sensible decisions and taking control of situations. He’s always been the voice of reason; it’s nice to see him doing stuff.

8:08-Hey, it’s Maggie.

8:12-Alright, so Rick’s now out looking for validation. That’s not anything bad, but it’s really emblematic of him as a character; he’s so indecisive that he actually hurts the group more than he helps it.

8:15-Okay, so here’s Guy #3 with a monologue about the hopelessness of everything.

8:21-So is the rest of this episode just going to consist of a bunch of people we don’t care about dying painful deaths? I actually think that might be what the whole show is about.

8:22-Death montage!

8:24-So here’s another Rick thing. Okay, sure, it’s the apocalypse, but can you accomplish something when you don’t believe there’s anything at the end of the tunnel? Hershel technically is wishful thinking right now, but then again, he’s a guy that has to believe to keep going. Rick has to keep moving; he can only see what’s in front of him, and that’s how he survives. He can’t stop and think. This is really a show all about the various ways we survive in the midst of utter despair, which makes me glad that this season, some people are actually, you know, cracking smiles and all that.

8:25-Alright, here we go. Walkers are opening their eyes now.

8:32-Glen’s going all Walter White now, and here come the walkers.

8:33-You know, Rick, they really could use you right now.

8:38-I swear, whenever I see a “Low Winter Sun” segment, I burst out laughing.

8:39-Oh, typical Walking Dead character: falling down while in the presence of a zombie.

8:40-There ya go, Hershel. That’s how you kill ’em.

8:41-Okay, one thing this show never fails at is crafting well-shot, intense zombie sequences. The camera work and the tension here is fantastic. Also, Carl carrying a gun makes me laugh for some reason.

8:44-But…here’s a Hershel pitfall. He isn’t willing to soil that “savior” image in front of the kids. Whereas Carol was willing to do whatever was necessary, Hershel isn’t; that might end up causing his downfall.

8:47-“I didn’t want you to know.” “I had to.” Serves to support the above point.

8:49-So that’s why you don’t send a bunch of your best fighters away.

8:51-Hershel’s sobbing by himself in a cell. It’s heavy handed symbolism, but it works: he’s trapped in his own cell in a prison and isolation’s permeating the environment. He was able to survive the ordeal, but that was a cathartic and devastating moment for him. Still…Daryl: “You’re a tough son of a bitch.” Herschel: “I am.”

8:58-Rick still wants to garden! Honestly, what’s the point with his struggle over Carl right now? Jeez, grow up and realize what world you’re in. I get you want to protect your kid, but he’s shown you he’s matured.

9:00-And the Governor!

All in all, it’s a very solid hour complete with some great zombie action and a very well-done revelation at the end. Hopefully the Governor doesn’t turn into a cartoonish presence again; the plague was a good exploration of the unknown, and it transitions into that all-encompassing big bad. In a way, he embodies the plague. Anyway, I’m looking forward to see where we go from here. Please don’t mess up the season like last year, writers.


Credit to AMC and The Walking Dead for all pictures. I own nothing.

The Walking Dead “Isolation” Review (4×03)

28 Oct

627-17What choices do we have to make to survive? Do we sacrifice our morals? Do we sacrifice others? These questions have the most weight in none other than a post-apocalyptic world like this one, and it’s ubiquitous throughout the course of this episode.

Take, for example, Carol. At episode’s end, it’s revealed that she’s the one who burned two of the sick; it seems very rash and callous of her, but because she’s become the de facto co-leader of the prison, she has to keep her emotions bottled up when she’s around others. However, when she’s alone, as we see in this episode, she breaks down, the guilt washing over her like a tidal wave.

That same guilt is felt by Hershel, but he has an opposite view: he believes that to survive, we help as much as we can, even if it means sacrificing our own lives. Carol’s all about moving forward, but Hershel’s the kind of guy that will expose himself to the contagion if it means he can help others feel better. It’s a nice thing to see someone stand up for his beliefs in this show, and while his decision may seem reckless, it’s all about perspective.

We also have Tyreese going mad over his girlfriend’s death, and his fight with Rick in the cold open is devastating to watch. Coleman does great work conveying the rage, sadness, and determination throughout, and I’m enjoying seeing the evolution of his character. I’m glad he doesn’t die when he’s surrounded by all those Walkers; it would be stupid if he did (although how does he even survive?), but I feel like that would be an easy way out for the writers, negating any sort of character buildup they’ve done with him.

Anyway, it’s a solid episode with solid character development, and the final twist stirs things up a bit; it paves the way for some intriguing character dynamics, and I’m looking forward to it.



-Carol, why did you knock over the water? Come on.

-Daryl really Lori’d it in the car.

-Carl’s huge silencer made me laugh.

-Three black people go off with Daryl, and not one of them dies? We’re making progress here, show.

-The show’s way of dealing with the new characters is to quarantine them all.

Credit to AMC and The Walking Dead for all pictures. I own nothing.

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