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The Bridge “Eidolon” Review (2×10)

11 Sep


The world is chaotic at times. It’s messy, full of conflicting ideas and clashing goals, and these multiple sides simply can’t function in tandem when everyone has his or her agenda. So, you can either acquiesce or remain steadfast on achieving your goals before anyone else does; whichever decision you choose has its own set of consequences, its own set of moral dilemmas awash with uncertainty.

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The Bridge “Ghost of a Flea” Review (2×02)

17 Jul

The Bridge - Episode 2.02 - Ghost of a Flea - Promotional Photo

“Yankee” was about people operating in the same location as each other, but operating in seemingly disconnected manners; we saw characters out searching for answers, scattered, with feelings of isolation creeping in at every turn. “Ghost of a Flea” begins to move these characters toward each other again, and the more fluid nature of the episode serves as a significant improvement over the premiere.

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The Bridge “Yankee” Review (2×01)

10 Jul


Season 1 of The Bridge was at once a serial killer drama and a look at the goings on of the border between the United States and Mexico, a plot-driven David Tate story and a character-driven Marco-Sonya dynamic, a cliche and a unique take on sociopolitical climates. It seemed like various shows wrapped up into one package overflowing with good ideas, but ultimately without enough cohesiveness to elevate it to the top tier of television shows.

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