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Sully Review

11 Sep


Clint Eastwood has done the impossible. The world gave him ten minutes of story, and he said “By God, I will make a whole movie with this, even if I have to show the same scene over and over again.” And that he did. Aided by the memory of 9/11 and by somehow-is-a-professional-writer Todd Komarnicki, Eastwood has crafted an ode to both American heroes and films that have no conceivable reason to exist. Thankfully devoid of unnecessary filmmaking tropes like tension, emotion, good dialogue, an interesting script, nice cinematography, competent editing, and characters we care about, Sully stays afloat through the use of its beautiful flashbacks. For instance, we find out that Sully once flew a plane as a kid, an integral piece of knowledge that makes this one of the most fulfilling movies of the year.

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