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Widows Review

29 Oct

It really gives me no joy to say that outside of the performances and directing, this film is a pretty significant letdown. It’s especially a shame considering this was my most anticipated of the year.

I appreciate the film’s intent when it comes to portraying a sprawling community and the racial and class politics that abound, but this is a two hour story and not a David Simon miniseries. McQueen and Flynn struggle to write a compelling story for any character amid the backdrop of their view on the city, and the development of the heist itself is hastily conceived, sidelined, and rushed at various points throughout. This shouldn’t be that big of a problem considering the film doesn’t purport to be a “heist film” in the conventional sense, but the motivations of the characters involved in the heist are very poorly written. Rodriguez doesn’t get much to do, Debicki’s storyline is trite and dull, and though Davis gets the most material to work with, it’s not good or substantial material. It’s just so evident how hard the script is trying to make you invested in her backstory with all its mini flashbacks, and the only reason the emotional climax has any semblance of payoff is because Davis tries her hardest to sell you on it.

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