Justified “Over the Mountain” Review (5×04)

28 Jan

d35ffee336c74510c53e18811ceb9198“I was thinking…aren’t you a little short for a Stormtrooper?”

Although this episode seems to be a placeholder of sorts, it’s crackling with energy, humor, and tension; it may just be the best episode of the season thus far. It’s certainly the most entertaining. I mean, when you have Tim Gutterson in your episode, that’s an automatic A-.

The fun is just off the charts in “Over the Mountain”. First of all, Tim and Raylan’s encounter with Danny’s dog is pure comedy gold–“I think something just came between me and my Calvin’s”–and second of all, we get a marvelous Tim-Raylan-Boyd scene. Olyphant and Goggins are dynamite together, and this scene is a nice interlude in the story; I say interlude because both men are so tied up in their own situations that they can’t afford to go all out against each other again. That’s one of the great things about this show: it understands its characters and doesn’t feel the need to contrive conflicts.

Of course, in contrast to that fun, we also get some of the most disturbing material of the season. Dewey Crowe sloppily murders Wade Messer and stumbles off to attempt to pray in the woods, for example. It’s the mark of two men in depressing situations, desperate to escape from their black holes and keep everything from spiraling out of control. Again, it’s a depressing situation, and Damon Herriman once again plays it perfectly. I said it before, and I’ll say it again: it’s a marvel that this show has caused me to sympathize with a white supremacist.

We also get an Ava subplot that conveys the harsh reality of her situation: she’s “protected”, but only in a sense. Shit can easily go down at any minute, and it hurts to see Boyd growing farther and farther apart from her as time wears on. Ava, I love you, and you need to get out soon…not before giving that guard your own beat down, of course.

Finally, we get to that last scene of the episode, which is extremely well done. Justified has always been great at crafting those tension-filled stand-offs, and this one has me even more interested in the Crowe family. It’s a different kind of animal than the Bennetts or the Crowders, and the scene adds another layer to Daryl’s character; Rapaport has been playing him well so far. Also, I like the addition of Kendall Crowe, and I think it sets up some nice conflicts down the road. It ties in nicely with the recurring “Raylan as a father” theme, in that this kid is going to be caught between two worlds, very similar to Raylan’s internal conflict. In fact, it seems as if Allison’s having a more profound impact on his decisions, and I’m interested to see where that heads.

All in all, it’s a very enjoyable episode of Justified, and I can’t wait for next week.



-Art’s continuing to investigate the Nicky Augustine murder, and I like his scene with the Canadian gangster. Also, we get this exchange: “Too many Canadians in our country…Justin Bieber, Celine Dion…” “Steve Nash.”

-Timothy Olyphant took off his shirt again, so there’s that.

-God damn it, show, I want to see a full Boyd-Tim Scrabble game. That was the most disappointed I’ve been to see Raylan walk into a scene.

-Man, that guard sure gave Jonathan from Buffy a nice beating.

-Tim standing on the car throughout the whole conversation. Hilarious.

-It’s Neckbone from Mud! Check that movie out. It’s great.

-Johnny’s working with Hot Rod Dunham. Nice move.

-Alan Tudyk next week!

Photo credit: FX, Justified

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