The Bridge “Vendetta” Review (1×08)

29 Aug


“You’re contaminating the crime scene!”

One of the most appealing aspects of this show, aside from the location, is the all-encompassing, mysterious, political agenda-seeking aura of “The Beast”, the killer that, before tonight, had not been revealed. Putting a face to the name is an interesting choice, especially with four episodes remaining in the season. Of course, that’s not to say I’m not intrigued or appreciative; too many shows rely on their penultimate and final episodes to bring out the big guns, and I’m looking forward to see how The Bridge handles this situation.

Personally, I’m mixed on the actual reveal. Here, we have a sudden and complete reversal of the thematic essence of the show, instead tailoring the killer’s motives toward personal reasons. I like how several characters play a part in the creation of this murderer, strengthening the interconnectedness of those involved. However, I feel as if a chunk has been taken out of the show’s attempt at world-building. Sure, it’s never really about the mystery, but the mystery’s absolutely necessary. It propels the plot, affecting the characters and highlighting their places in this world in relation to the murder. Of course, the ends can always justify the means. We’ll have to see.

In terms of other storylines, Linder’s haunted by Galvan’s face during his dreams involving a Latina in a bikini giving him milk (that sounds strange when I write it). We don’t really know much about him yet, but we do know his actions are weighing on his mind. It will be incredibly interesting to see how, and if, Galvan, Linder, and Tate all interact. They should put them all at a dinner table or something.

The other main subplot involves Charlotte, a character I really just have no interest in. I hope they start distancing her from Ray, which I think is already set in motion; I want to see her character become her own self, and more fleshed out. Then I can be invested.

Some unifying themes across this episode are ones of escape and influence. Marco can’t escape from his realization at the end, and he’s trapped between the influence of his family and the influence of his job. Linder can’t escape from Galvan or his influence. Charlotte wants to escape, but is trapped by the influence of men in her life.


All in all, it’s an uneven episode of The Bridge, but it’s generally compelling and it sets a new path for the show to take.

Grade: B

Other thoughts:

-The conversation between Gus and Sonya is a nice, quiet moment, and also reflects the themes of escape and influence. She can’t escape from her disorder, and she’s unable to fully grasp her true situation, however much of an influence it has on her.

-Wow, you can slice open someone’s neck, stand behind them, lay them down, and not get blood on your clothes? Nice!

-The opening scene was fun.

Credit to FX and The Bridge for all pictures. I own nothing.


3 Responses to “The Bridge “Vendetta” Review (1×08)”

  1. JustMeMike September 1, 2013 at 3:58 pm #

    Are you sure you are not jumping the gun here. Last week we thought it could be Childress – but it wasn’t as he is being held for the killing of Trooper Stokes.

    Then this week – the new name (Tate) who is Alma’s boss and new lover is revealed as a killer. We know he is a killer as he slashed the guy’s throat. But why would he intentionally leave his palm print on the men’s room mirror?

    Why was the young girl Gina killed? She said she saw her father’s killer – if so the killer would have killed her at the house. Since he didn’t, can we assume she may have seen him, but he didn’t see her. And how was it that Gina was killed after running away from Sonya and Hank who took her to lunch. Why did she run away from them?

    Maybe Hank is the Killer.

    Something else is troubling too – the whole Linder/.Galvan business. When Linder took Hector’s body out to the middle of no where – how did Galvan and his crew find him there? Why did they take the body from him and let him live. I think they have a connection that hasn’t been explained yet.

    But getting back to Tate, if he is the Beast why have not seen him before?

    My guess is that The Bridge, which has been tossing puzzles at us since the beginning, is doing so once more with Tate. I’m saying he is a killer but not The Beast.

    I’ve been watching this series since it began and have written a few posts about it. But this particular episode I found troubling and I didn’t do a recap/review of the episode.

    • polarbears16 September 1, 2013 at 5:42 pm #

      That’s a really interesting take. I’d never thought about that before, but it’s certainly possible. I think certain plot points are just coincidences or missteps on the part of the writers, like the whole Gina business. I feel like that plot was just a way to explore Sonya’s character and their similarities, although I would welcome something more from that later on.

      As for Linder and Galvan, it isn’t unlikely that Galvan had Linder followed. That’s how he found him so easily. Still, I agree that there’s something more there; Linder’s one of the more mysterious characters in the show, and Galvan’s influence certainly permeates the fabric of these characters. Marco and Galvan’s connection was expanded upon, so I think Linder and Galvan’s relationship will be as well.

      Anyway, great post. We’ll wait and see. It’s always possible Tate could be a red herring.

      *I’m confused as to what you mean when you say we haven’t seen Tate before. He’s been in episodes before, just in the background.

  2. JustMeMike September 1, 2013 at 9:50 pm #

    Yes we have seen him before, but as Kenneth Hastings aka Alma’s boss/boyfriend.

    We had never heard/seen anything of DavidTate until Sonya Discovered his name in the case files, connected to three victims (with Gedman). It is only after we are shown this that Ruiz says he knows Tate and Tate is dead.

    Then the body is found at Childress’s place. Forensics says it is Kenneth Hastings. Ruiz says it is David Tate. Still not satisfied, Sonya looks up the Motor Vehicle records of Kenneth Hastings and finds a Drivers license with a photo that ID’s Kenneth Hastings. But Ruiz looks at it and says that is David Tate. Now Ruiz claimed he worked with Tate, so this ID must be valid.

    So Tate assumed the identity of Kenneth Hastings and hid in plain site. For the records, David Tate is ‘officially dead’. So any way you slice it about Tate/Hastings – if he is The Beast . hewould not leave his palm print. unless it was to cast suspicions on a dead Man…only –

    Santi Jr’s blood is on the palm print. Maybe they will cross reference the guest list or look at Closed Circuit surveillance videos of the guests at the Library party.

    If it is the writing, then it is incredibly sloppy. More than likely it is another Bridge Puzzle tossed our way..

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