John Oliver is returning to “Community”, and it’s about time.

11 Sep


In news surely to please any Community fan, or lover of comedy in general, the show is bringing back John Oliver as Professor Ian Duncan, last seen in “Applied Anthropology and Culinary Arts” back in Season A Long Time Ago.

He will have a recurring role, appearing in at least six episodes, a statement which hopefully means he will be appearing in twenty two episodes. He will also hopefully be taking on the role of Troy Barnes, preferably without any explanation whatsoever. There might be a short exchange, though, that goes something like:

Jeff: Aren’t you supposed to be black?

Oliver as Duncan as Troy: Yeah, but I made some adjustments in my life this summer. *Jumps into bed with Britta*

Logically, this should also mean he’d be taking on the role of Pierce Hawthorne, and he’s eventually going to be playing every single character in the show. That way, if Jon Stewart ever decided to guest star, he’d be there to take his place as well.

Oliver will spend his time on the show drinking lots of tea and showing off his big penis (I do not say this from experience), and he will continually want to move to a room with less balls. He will also-…whatever. He’s back. Harmon’s back. McKenna’s back. The Russos are back. Goggins and Banks are coming. It should be a great season. If it’s not, then I blame Britta.

Credit to NBC and Community for all pictures. I own nothing.


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